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40 winter baby names to get the season started

  • 40 winter baby names to get the season started

    If you are expecting a little bundle of joy between December and March, you may want to consider a name inspired by the season. Winter conjures up images of holly trees laden with fluffy white snow, cozy nights spent with family, and some of the most festive holidays—all lovely images to incorporate into your baby’s name.

    Our list of the best winter baby names includes names inspired by the holidays, classic movies, natural phenomena, and sly allusions to the season. Whether you’d like to name your child something more mainstream like Nicholas or Holly, or you’re looking for an unusual baby name like Vale or Epiphany, there’s something for every type of family on this list. Stacker consulted data from the Social Security Administration to find out the popularity of each name in the United States in 2016. Click through to see the rank, meaning, and inspiration for 40 of the best winter baby names.

  • 40. Elsa

    2016 Name Rank: #623 (Female)

    Disney fans might recognize the name Elsa from Frozen, the smash hit children’s movie about two princesses in the wintry land of Arendelle. 476 baby girls born in 2016 were named Elsa, so apparently, the movie is just as popular with parents as it is with kids.  

  • 39. Jonas

    2016 Name Rank: #150 (Male)

    The Hebrew name Jonas means “dove” or “peaceful being,” making it a perfect name for a New Year’s Day baby. Doves are a symbol of peace and wishing for peace on December 31 is a traditional way to usher in a benevolent year. Teenagers from the early aughts will also enjoy the reference to the Jonas Brothers, one of the most popular boy bands of the decade.

  • 38. Epiphany

    2016 Name Rank: #8575 (Female)

    Epiphany is the Christian holiday celebrated on Jan. 6—the 12th day of Christmas. Also known as Three Kings Day, it marks the end of the Christmas season and commemorates the arrival of the three wise men with gifts for baby Jesus. Only 18 girls born in 2016 were named Epiphany, so it’s a much less common name.

  • 37. Neve

    2016 Name Rank: #2870 (Female)

    Conan O’Brien fans might recognize this Irish name: he gave it to his daughter. Since it means snow in Portuguese, Italian, and Irish, it’s a lovely winter name. 59 children were named Neve in 2016.

  • 36. Juniper

    2016 Name Rank: #352 (Female)

    The evergreen shrub bearing small blue berries is often used in wreaths and other winter decorations, since it flourishes in cold weather. It’s no surprise, then, that the name Juniper means “youth producing” or evergreen.

  • 35. Aspen

    2016 Name Rank: #361 (Female), #1699 (Male)

    With their white striped trunks and fluttering leaves, aspens are some of the most striking trees in North America. As a baby name, Aspen could work for both genders: 896 girls and 94 boys were given the name in 2016.

  • 34. Jay

    2016 Name Rank: #395 (Male)

    The name Jay can refer to several different things, depending on your interpretation. In the English tradition, it means “to rejoice” and refers to blue jays. In German, it means “swift,” and in Sanskrit it means “victorious.” However you choose to think of the name, it’s fairly popular with American parents: 800 boys were named Jay in 2016.

  • 33. Eira

    2016 Name Rank: #4,008 (Female)

    Eira comes from the Welsh word meaning “snow” and would be a perfect name for a baby born during a snowstorm or blizzard. It’s also quite unique—37 girls were given this wintry name in 2016.

  • 32. Garnet

    2016 Name Rank: #7738 (Female)

    In the world of crystals, garnets are known as spiritual, grounding stones. Their deep crimson hue is what inspired the name, which comes from the Latin word for pomegranate. Garnets are the birthstone for January, making it a very appropriate name for a winter baby.

  • 31. Ivy

    2016 Name Rank: #112 (Female)

    Thanks to the Christmas carol “The Holly and the Ivy,” this green creeping plant will forever be associated with the holidays. The name is also traditionally associated with faithfulness in England. As a girl’s name, it’s quite popular: 2,797 baby girls were named Ivy in 2016.

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