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Most popular Halloween candy to please trick-or-treaters

  • #40. Tootsie Roll Snack Bars

    - Win percentage: 49.7%
    - Candy properties: chocolate, bar

    Tootsie Roll snack bars have been made with the same recipe since 1896. The chewable candy was the first individually wrapped penny candy invented by Leo Hirshfield, who named it for his 5-year-old daughter, Clara, who he called his little Tootsie. Today, they come in a half-ounce snack size that offers a lot more chew than their penny-candy predecessors.

  • #39. Almond Joy

    - Win percentage: 50.3%
    - Candy properties: chocolate, peanut, almond, bar

    Consumer demand for milk chocolate was the inspiration behind the creation of Almond Joy candy bars in 1948. Forty years later, Almond Joy and its sister candy Mounds (the one without nuts) joined the Hershey Company as part of its official candy line-up.

  • #38. Haribo Sour Bears

    - Win percentage: 51.4%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    Gummy bears were invented in 1922 by German candy maker Hans Riegel. “Haribo” is an acronym for the founder's name and the region (Bonn) of Germany where he was born. Did you know the green bear is actually strawberry?

  • #37. Air Heads

    - Win percentage: 52.3%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    While you can find lots of recipes for cool stuff to make on Pinterest using Airheads, you might be surprised to discover that the “White Mystery” variety is a mixture of leftover flavors. Airheads come in a variety of iterations, including gum, gummies, bites, and soft-filled bites.

  • #36. Sour Patch Tricksters

    - Win percentage: 52.8%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    Sour Patch Tricksters pair the fun of enjoying a sweet and sour gummy with a guessing game. The candy looks like it tastes like one flavor, but it may taste like another. Trick your friends or just play by yourself.

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  • #35. Lifesavers big ring gummies

    - Win percentage: 52.9%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    Regular-size Lifesavers are fine to pop in your mouth most days, but Halloween is a time to raise the bar. Lifesavers big ring gummies are huge gummies that mimic the traditional Lifesaver shape. They come in five flavors: cherry, watermelon, green apple, strawberry, and blackberry.

  • #34. Mr. Good Bar

    - Win percentage: 54.5%
    - Candy properties: chocolate, peanut, almond, bar

    Did you know that during the Depression, Mr. Goodbar was marketed as “Tasty Lunch?” That’s because the peanuts added nutritional value. The cost of a Mr. Goodbar in the 1930s was two for 5 cents. The name Mr. Goodbar was created when the company’s founder Milton Hershey (who was hard of hearing) heard someone say, “Mr. Goodbar” when they actually said, “That’s a good bar.”

  • #33. Swedish Fish

    - Win percentage: 54.9%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    If you inspect a Swedish Fish, you will notice it has the word “Swedish” on its side. The fish, which do come from Sweden, come in the original red color, as well as yellow, green, purple, and orange.

  • #32. Milk Duds

    - Win percentage: 55.1%
    - Candy properties: chocolate, caramel

    Milk Duds were created in 1928 by F. Hoffman & Co. of Chicago. When their maker kept failing at creating perfectly round balls, he called them “duds.”

  • #31. Skittles Wild Berry

    - Win percentage: 55.1%
    - Candy properties: fruity

    Once you tear open a bag of Skittles Wild Berry, you understand why the tagline “Taste the Rainbow” is a perfect description. Flavors you will discover include berry punch, strawberry, melon berry, wild cherry, and raspberry.

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