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Most bike friendly cities in America

  • Most bike friendly cities in America

    May is National Bike Month, when people across the United States celebrate the invigorating act of cycling. Bicycling is cheaper than driving, healthier for the body than sitting in a car, and better for the planet than even carpooling or public transit. And let’s not forget the thrill of pedaling along with the wind in your hair or finding new parts of a city you’d missed while sitting in a subway car or focusing on traffic.

    Bicycling is also good for business, proving time and again net-positive effects on local, state, and national economies. In one example of such impacts, researchers from the University of Missouri Kansas City found in a study published April 2019 that the implementation of Kansas City’s current bicycle plan (infrastructure goals including the addition of 350 miles of protected bike lanes, trails, and shared-use paths) would save more than 700 lives over the course of two decades and attract $500 million in spending.

    Due to growing awareness of the boon from bike-friendly cities and bicycle tourism in general, many cities across the U.S. have been working feverishly to make bicycling safer, more convenient, and much more fun for riders. From expanded bike-sharing programs in Michigan metros like Detroit and Grand Blanc City to proposals for expanded bike lanes across New York, there’s never been a better time to be an urban cyclist.

    To help guide the most avid of biking enthusiasts, Stacker looked to Redfin’s 2017 City & Neighborhood Ratings (last updated Spring 2018) to identify the 50 most bike-friendly cities in the United States. Redfin’s bike-score methodology considers factors like the hilliness, quality of bike lanes, nearby destinations and connectivity, and bike mode share—representing the percentage of bikers within a city.

    Read on to find out how compatible your city is with two wheels and a flashy helmet, along with the best neighborhoods for biking in each city.

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  • #50. Cleveland, OH

    -Bike score: 50.3
    -Walk score: 59.5 (Rank: #32)
    -Transit score: 44.6 (Rank: #46)
    -Population: 396,815
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Ohio City (Bike score: 69)

  • #49. Richmond, VA

    -Bike score: 50.5
    -Walk score: 51.4 (Rank: #44)
    -Transit score: Not ranked (Rank: #)
    -Population: 204,214
    -Best neighborhood for biking: The Fan (Bike score: 84)

  • #48. Stockton, CA

    -Bike score: 50.8
    -Walk score: 41.8 (Rank: #91)
    -Transit score: 27.8 (Rank: #93)
    -Population: 291,707
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Civic Center (Bike score: 64)

  • #47. Gilbert, AZ

    -Bike score: 50.9
    -Walk score: 29 (Rank: #134)
    -Transit score: 15.1 (Rank: #120)
    -Population: 208,453
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Silverhawke (Bike score: 80)

  • #45. Hialeah, FL (tie)

    -Bike score: 51.2
    -Walk score: 69.4 (Rank: #17)
    -Transit score: 39 (Rank: #54)
    -Population: 224,669
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Trojan Park (Bike score: 58)

  • #45. Austin, TX (tie)

    -Bike score: 51.2
    -Walk score: 40.3 (Rank: #101)
    -Transit score: 33.5 (Rank: #76)
    -Population: 790,390
    -Best neighborhood for biking: West University (Bike score: 95)

  • #43. Pittsburgh, PA (tie)

    -Bike score: 51.5
    -Walk score: 61.9 (Rank: #30)
    -Transit score: 56 (Rank: #20)
    -Population: 305,704
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Southside Flats (Bike score: 92)

  • #43. Detroit, MI (tie)

    -Bike score: 51.5
    -Walk score: 55.4 (Rank: #38)
    -Transit score: 38.8 (Rank: #55)
    -Population: 713,777
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Jeffries (Bike score: 90)

  • #41. Scottsdale, AZ (tie)

    -Bike score: 52.1
    -Walk score: 32.4 (Rank: #126)
    -Transit score: 25.6 (Rank: #99)
    -Population: 217,385
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Scottsdale Estates (Bike score: 85)

  • #41. Baltimore, MD (tie)

    -Bike score: 52.1
    -Walk score: 69.4 (Rank: #16)
    -Transit score: 56.9 (Rank: #17)
    -Population: 620,961
    -Best neighborhood for biking: Charles North (Bike score: 89)

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