Majestic photos from the world's 50 tallest mountains

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June 6, 2018

Majestic photos from the world's 50 tallest mountains

In most elementary schools, children are introduced to a handful of explorers throughout history who were primarily responsible for circumnavigating the globe and unifying people of various geographic locations, the likes of whom include Marco Polo, Lewis and Clark, and Ferdinand Magellan. Hundreds of years ago, these men took to the oceans in search of a new frontier, traveling north and south, east and west in the hopes of discovering something new they could share with their compatriots upon return to their home country. Perhaps underappreciated for their exploratory contribution to history, England's Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepal's Tenzing Norgay successfully ascended the 29,035-foot summit of the Himalayas' Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, for the first time in human history.

Thanks to trailblazing climbers such as Hillary and Norgay setting the precedent that these kinds of ascents are humanly possible, future generations with advanced technologies have been able to go on similar expeditions and capture breathtaking photographs of some of Earth's most impressive mountain ranges. Using data from Peaklist, Stacker has composed a list of the world's tallest mountains according to prominence, a measurement of the shortest possible distance between a mountain's peak and base, and included otherworldly images to accompany each one.

Read on to be blown away by some of the most marvelous natural formations this planet has to offer.

#50. Mount Blackburn

Elevation: 16,391 ft

Prominence: 11,598 ft

Location: 61º44' N, 143º26' W (Alaska, USA)

#49. Kongur Shan

Elevation: 25,095 ft

Prominence: 11,762 ft

Location: 38º36' N, 75º19' E (China)

#48. Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi)

Elevation: 16,853 ft

Prominence: 11,847 ft

Location: 39º42' N, 44º18' E (Turkey)

#47. Minya Konka (Mount Gongga)

Elevation: 24,790 ft

Prominence: 11,949 ft

Location: 29º36' N, 101º53' E (China)

#46. Ritacuba Blanco

Elevation: 17,749 ft

Prominence: 11,959 ft

Location: 6º29' N, 72º18' W (Colombia)

#45. Finisterre Range HP (Mount Boising)

Elevation: 13,533 ft

Prominence: 12,057 ft

Location: 5º57' S, 146º22' E (Papua New Guinea)

#44. Gunung Semeru (Mount Semeru)

Elevation: 12,060 ft

Prominence: 12,060 ft

Location: 8º06' S, 112º55' E (Indonesia)

#43. Nevado Ojos del Salado

Elevation: 22,615 ft

Prominence: 12,100 ft

Location: 27º07' S, 68º32' W (Argentina/Chile)

#42. Gunnbjørn Fjeld

Elevation: 12,119 ft

Prominence: 12,119 ft

Location: 68º55' N, 29º54' W (Greenland)

#41. Monte San Valentin

Elevation: 13,313 ft

Prominence: 12,126 ft

Location: 46º36' S, 73º20' W (Chile)

#40. Pico del Teide (Mount Teide)

Elevation: 12,198 ft

Prominence: 12,198 ft

Location: 28º16' N, 16º39' W (Spain)

#39. Kangchenjunga

Elevation: 28,169 ft

Prominence: 12,867 ft

Location: 27º42' N, 88º09' E (India/Nepal)

#39. Gunung Rinjani

Elevation: 12,224 ft

Prominence: 12,224 ft

Location: 8º25' S, 116º28' E (Indonesia)

#38. Cerro Chirripó

Elevation: 12,533 ft

Prominence: 12,228 ft

Location: 9º29' N, 83º29' W (Costa Rica)

#37. Jbel Toubkal

Elevation: 13,671 ft

Prominence: 12,319 ft

Location: 31º04' N, 7º55' W (Morocco)

#36. Mount Cook (Aoraki)

Elevation: 12,319 ft

Prominence: 12,319 ft

Location: 43º36' S, 170º08' E (New Zealand)

#35. Mount Fuji

Elevation: 12,388 ft

Prominence: 12,388 ft

Location: 35º22' N, 138º44' E (Japan)

#34. Mount Erebus

Elevation: 12,448 ft

Prominence: 12,448 ft

Location: 77º31' S, 167º11' E (Antarctica)

#33. Gunung Kerinci (Mount Kerinci)

Elevation: 12,483 ft

Prominence: 12,483 ft

Location: 1º42' S, 101º16' E (Indonesia)

#32. Mount Kenya

Elevation: 17,057 ft

Prominence: 12,549 ft

Location: 0º09' S, 37º18' E (Kenya)

#31. Mount Cameroon

Elevation: 13,254 ft

Prominence: 12,798 ft

Location: 4º13' N, 9º10' E (Cameroon)

#30. Tirich Mir

Elevation: 25,288 ft

Prominence: 12,827 ft

Location: 36º15' N, 71º51' E (Pakistan)

#28. Ngaliema (Mount Stanley)

Elevation: 16,762 ft

Prominence: 12,962 ft

Location: 0º23' N, 29º52' E (Congo/Uganda)

#27. Yushain (Mount Jade, Mount Yu)

Elevation: 12,966 ft

Prominence: 12,966 ft

Location: 23º28' N, 120º57' E (Taiwan)

#26. Mount Fairweather

Elevation: 15,325 ft

Prominence: 12,956 ft

Location: 58º54' N, 137º31' W (US/Canada)

#25. Pico Bolívar

Elevation: 16,341 ft

Prominence: 12,982 ft

Location: 8º32' N, 71º03' W (Venezuela)

#24. Volcán Tajumulco

Elevation: 13,845 ft

Prominence: 13,058 ft

Location: 15º03' N, 91º54' W (Guatemala)

#23. Ras Dejen

Elevation: 15,092 ft

Prominence: 13,090 ft

Location: 13º14' N, 38º22' E (Ethiopia)

#22. K2 (Mount Godwin-Austen, Chhogori)

Elevation: 28,251 ft

Prominence: 13,179 ft

Location: 35º53' N, 76º31' E (Pakistan/China)

#21. Mount Rainier

Elevation: 14,411 ft

Prominence: 13,196 ft

Location: 46º51' N, 121º46' W (Washington, USA)

#20. Gunung Kinabalu (Mount Kinabalu)

Elevation: 13,435 ft

Prominence: 13,435 ft

Location: 6º04' N, 116º34' E (Malaysia)

#19. Namcha Barwa

Elevation: 25,531 ft

Prominence: 13,471 ft

Location: 29º38' N, 95º03' E (China)

#18. Bogda Shan

Elevation: 17,864 ft

Prominence: 13,523 ft

Location: 43º48' N, 88º20' E (China)

#17. Chimborazo

Elevation: 20,561 ft

Prominence: 13,523 ft

Location: 1º28' S, 78º49' W (Ecuador)

#16. Jengish Chokusu (Pik Pobedy)

Elevation: 24,406 ft

Prominence: 13,609 ft

Location: 42º02' N, 80º07' E (Kyrgyzstan/China)

#15. Mauna Kea

Elevation: 13,796 ft

Prominence: 13,796 ft

Location: 19º49' N, 155º28' W (Hawaii, USA)

#14. Nanga Parbat (Diamer)

Elevation: 26,657 ft

Prominence: 15,118 ft

Location: 35º14' N, 74º36' E (Pakistan)

#13. Klyuchevskaya Volcano

Elevation: 15,584 ft

Prominence: 15,252 ft

Location: 56º03' N, 160º39' E (Russia)

#12. Mount Damavand

Elevation: 18,405 ft

Prominence: 15,311 ft

Location: 35º57' N, 52º07' E (Iran)

#11. Mont Blanc

Elevation: 15,777 ft

Prominence: 15,406 ft

Location: 45º50' N, 6º52' E (France/Italy)

#10. Gora Elbrus (Mount Elbrus)

Elevation: 18,510 ft

Prominence: 15,554 ft

Location: 43º21' N, 42º26' E (Russia)

#9. Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid)

Elevation: 16,023 ft

Prominence: 16,023 ft

Location: 4º04' S, 137º11' E (Indonesia)

#8. Vinson Massif

Elevation: 16,050 ft

Prominence: 16,050 ft

Location: 78º31' S, 85º36' W (Antarctica)

#7. Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl)

Elevation: 18,491 ft

Prominence: 16,148 ft

Location: 19º02' N, 97º16' W (Mexico)

#6. Mount Logan

Elevation: 19,550 ft

Prominence: 17,224 ft

Location: 60º34' N, 140º24' W (Canada)

#5. Pico Cristóbal Colón

Elevation: 18,701 ft

Prominence: 18,074 ft

Location: 10º50' N, 73º41' W (Colombia)

#4. Mount Kilimanjaro

Elevation: 19,340 ft

Prominence: 19,308 ft

Location: 3º04' S, 37º21' E (Tanzania)

#3. Denali (formerly Mount McKinley)

Elevation: 20,320 ft

Prominence: 20,138 ft

Location: 63º06' N, 151º03' W (Alaska, USA)

#2. Aconcagua

Elevation: 22,841 ft

Prominence: 22,841 ft

Location: 32º39' S, 70º01' W (Argentina)

#1. Mount Everest

Elevation: 29,028 ft

Prominence: 29,028 ft

Location: 27º59' N, 86º55' E (Nepal/Tibet)

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