50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America

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September 4, 2018
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50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America

Some employees enjoy benefits and perks at their workplaces beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Google is famous for throwing some of the best benefits at their employees. Aside from significant paid time off, and a generous maternity leave and 401(k) policies, Google engineers are also reportedly treated to free snacks in the office, a gym, and more. Other large companies like Amazon, Twitter, and Goldman Sachs offer free improv classes, travel stipends, egg freezing, or even global soccer tournaments.

However, behind all these perks are often office cultures that put work before everything else. Though they’ve been slowly improving, for example, Amazon’s known for an intense, grueling work culture that’s particularly difficult for low-level employees who don’t get nice benefits and perks. Other large companies, especially in tech, have been hit with gender discrimination lawsuits.

Large companies can be great places to work, but employees may be more likely to feel overlooked. Employees at smaller companies also report a more open and relaxed work environment. Both of these are key to a happy work life. A recent survey by Mental Health America found that staff recognition and praise, as well as a relaxed work environment contributed far more to employee mental health and job satisfaction than financial benefits. Of course, that doesn’t mean employees can’t have the best of both worlds. There are plenty of small and mid-sized companies focusing on comfort, convenience, and a respectable work-life balance.

For those looking to live the good life while furthering their career and making a great salary, Stacker tallied the 50 best small and mid-sized companies to work for in America, based on Glassdoor ratings written by current and former employees. To be considered for this list, a company must have fewer than 1,000 employees and they must have above average benefits. Start sending out resumes and meanwhile, decide where in the world you’ll vacation with unlimited paid time off.

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#50. GoGo squeeZ

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

What could be happier than packaging up blended, healthy fruit and vegetable mixes to fortify little kids? Not much, if you work at GoGo squeeZ, headquartered in New York City. In addition to distributing valuable information about good nutrition, the company hosts frequent paid community service outings and family-friendly promotional events.

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SeatGeek helps users find buy and sell tickets to sporting events, concerts, and plays, like this baseball game at Kauffman Stadium. // Mr.Konerko // Wikimedia Commons

#49. SeatGeek

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

SeatGeek employees can get free tickets to their favorite events. Their staff consists of “diehard sports fans, passionate concert-goers, sophisticated theater enthusiasts and comedy junkies.” Thanks to this and other benefits, the company was recently named on Crain's New York’s “Best Places to Work” in 2017.  

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Strive Consulting provides management consulting, data and analytics, and technology services. // https://perzonseo.com // Flickr

#48. Strive Consulting

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

In addition to perks like unlimited paid time off and regular team outings, this Chicago-based business consulting firm ranked #5 by Glassdoor for the quality of its CEOs. Its headquarters pulls an impressive 4.7 stars out of 5, but its Atlanta and Dallas offices score an even 5. The company was awarded Glassdoor’s “Employees’ Choice Award” in 2018.

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#47. Hawke Media

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Heralded as “life-changing” in a Glassdoor employee review, Hawke Media is the fastest-growing digital media agency in Los Angeles, specializing in outsourced chief marketing officers, marketing, and e-commerce growth. With an impressive roster of clients that include Red Bull, Verizon, and Evite, it’s notable that Hawke Media is just five years old. Nevertheless, every year the whole company travels together on a fun trip, like a cruise to Mexico.

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#46. Formlabs

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Some companies may cover 100% of their employees’ health benefits, but it’s uncommon to find a business that will provide catered lunches, unless it’s a massive corporation. Formlabs, which develops desktop 3D printing technology for a variety of fields, does both. Based out of Boston and Berlin, Formlabs is praised by its employees for encouraging autonomy—no time-wasting micromanaging here. One member of the people operations team said the company’s goal is to “keep Formlabs weird,” a motto likely to help attract millennial talent.   

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Roman Eugeniusz // Wikimedia Commons

#45. P2S Inc.

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

It’s rare to find a company that scores a 4.7 score on Glassdoor, and rarer still to find one whose CEO approval rating is 100%. This consulting engineering, commissioning, and construction management firm operates out of a LEED Gold Certified facility in Long Beach, California—a great start off the bat. With a long history of charitable initiatives, the company makes it easy and fun for employees to give back to their communities. In preparation for back-to-school, P2S Inc. helped fill the student food pantries at California State University, Long Beach. Energy efficiency never looked so satisfying.

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#44. Seek Capital

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Seek Capital provides business consulting services specifically to startup companies, including advising them on raising capital, specializing in prime or near-prime business owners. Unlike other startup consultants, Seek Capital doesn’t factor in a business or business owner’s personal credit when finding ways to finance their companies, looking instead to the health and potential of the venture’s future. The Los Angeles-based office has its own arcade and unlimited free coffee to fuel gaming binges, as well as a softball team. It was also named on the list of “Best Places To Work” in the 2017 Los Angeles Business Journal.

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#43. Peabody Properties

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Peabody Properties is a full-service property and real estate management company based in Braintree, Massachusetts whose roots trace back to the 1890s. They’ve won a massive number of awards from state and national business associations for their work, and cultivate a “Distinguished Employee Awards Program” of their own. Peabody Properties believes that employees who have fun perform better, so there’s no shortage of company outings, ice cream parties, and wellness-based team activities. The Boston Globe named the company one of the best to work at in 2017.

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Brian Solis // Flickr

#42. Zuora

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Based in San Mateo, California, Zuora is a major player in the online subscription business—their cloud-based software platform allows companies to implement e-commerce into their business models, from order to billing and receipts. The company values diversity in the workplace and established an initiative to promote women in the industry called Z-Women. The organization recently held a discussion in Chennai, India during India’s 72nd Independence Day celebrations. The goal was for Zuora employees to inspire local women-owned businesses to branch out and be creative with their branding.

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#41. Bluecore

Glassdoor rating: 4.7

Data analysis company Bluecore, headquartered in New York City, represents more than 250 consumer brands, crunching terabytes of data and transforming them into valuable predictive analytics companies can use to attract customers more accurately and improve their bottom lines. The company culture steers away from corporate attitudes, focusing on employee wellness initiatives like catered lunches, gym reimbursement, and unlimited paid time off. Their design-forward 6,000-square-foot office in Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side doesn’t hurt, either.

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#40. NetWorth Realty

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Not only do NetWorth Realty real estate agents appreciate the generous work-life balance, but those who work solely on commission receive full health and dental benefits—an uncommon gesture in the industry and a strong method of retaining talent. CEO Mark Bloom encourages his employees to take the time to learn everything they can about making the most money from real estate holdings.

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#39. Intellinet

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Intellinet is a management consulting and technology-enabled business services firm headquartered in Atlanta. Their philanthropic initiatives reach beyond U.S. borders—one community service project brought a team of employees to Haiti, helping to build a sustainable community model. Intellinet also encourages its employees to be flexible with their time and has been racking up awards and accolades for having rapidly carved out a niche in the competitive world of tech consulting, while also retaining happy employees.

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#38. Asana

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Asana—the sanskrit word for “held position” in yoga—offers a wealth of wellness benefits to its employees. The company itself provides a tracking application to help encourage productivity and flow in the workplace, and their product won Google's 2016 Material Design Award. Those who work at the San Francisco office enjoy perks like on-site yoga, unlimited paid time off, life coaching, three healthy catered meals per day, and generous paid parental leave.  

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cherylt23 // Pixabay

#37. Illuminate Education

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

This Irvine, California-based company creates digital tools to collect, analyze, and share student data in order to help maximize educators’ efforts. Not only do employees gain the satisfaction of furthering the institution of education—the company serves more than 1,500 districts comprised of 5.5 million students—the benefits packages are impressive and the office environment is friendly and flexible.  

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Free-Photos // Pixabay

#36. Castle & Cooke Mortgage

If mortgage lending seems like a dull field, look to Castle & Cooke Mortgage to change one’s mind. In business since 2005 and based in Draper, Utah, the company focuses on inclusivity, customer service, and the long-term success of its employees—it’s no revolving door. Happy, satisfied professional lenders get processing done quickly and efficiently.

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#35. Elite SEM

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

New York City-based Elite SEM is another rare company whose employees overwhelmingly approve of their CEO. A search engine marketing giant, Elite SEM helps companies generate sales and leads by staying one step ahead of digital consumer trends. In 2010, Elite SEM established their “Get Up and Live” program, which organizes employee participation in annual holiday food drives, awareness walks, volunteering at shelters, fundraising for medical research foundations, and more. They even have an annual Elite Week of Kindness, which encourages mindfulness and generosity among employees.

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#34. Terminus

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Terminus has become known for its robust B2B account-based marketing software, which allows clients to target buyers according to data. In addition to casual office dress and the option to work from home, Terminus covers 100% of employees’ health, dental, and vision plans, and provides a game room, weekly lunch, regular team outings, and paid volunteer opportunities. Their rapid expansion earned them a 2018 Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Award.

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kliempictures // Pixabay

#33. Elementum

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Elementum’s proprietary Product Graph provides its clients with deep insight to help connect their cross-enterprise operations, simplifying the supply chain while better meeting consumers’ needs. By shining a light on areas of e-commerce that are often overlooked and rely on guesswork, Elementum streamlines the process and eliminates stopgaps. The office environment is remarkable with events like company-sponsored cooking classes, or one of the company’s many seasonal activities and milestone celebrations.

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#32. Coder Camps

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

This Scottsdale, Arizona-based company offers 12-week and 24-week coding courses online and on campus in Phoenix and Seattle—a crucial skill for the modern tech-focused job-seeker. Coder Camps graduates also receive lifetime access to continuing education courses at no additional cost. Their office offers lunch and snacks, as well as a robust benefits package and access to unlimited, up-to-date coding courses.

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#31. SendGrid

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Specializing in deliverability for transactional and marketing emails, this Denver-based company has sent more than a trillion emails on behalf of clients like AirBnb, Pandora, eBay, Spotify, Uber, Photobucket, and Yelp. CEO Sameer Dholakia focuses as much on office culture and employee satisfaction as much as his bottom line, with flexible work-life integration, competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, generous allowances—including mobile phone plans, meaningful stock options, and a pay-for-performance philosophy. As if that weren’t enough, lunch is provided five days a week and the entire company is flown to a retreat once a year.


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Kevin Payravi // Wikimedia Commons

#30. CoverMyMeds

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

This Columbus, Ohio-based healthcare IT company is one of the fastest growing in the nation. The company automates the lengthy and inconvenient process of prior authorization, which can prolong patients’ waiting times to access vital medications via insurance plans. In addition to the satisfaction of helping fellow citizens access and pay for their meds, CoverMyMeds offers ample room for growth and promotion, a healthy work-life balance, and plenty of company-sponsored outings and activities.

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Skitterphoto // Pixabay

#29. Upside Business Travel

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Founded by Priceline’s Jay Walker, Upside Business Travel aims to give customers a better business trip experience while minimizing costs to the traveler’s company and giving rewards in the form of gift cards. The more money the customer saves, the more they get back in rewards. The Washington, D.C.-based company offers robust salaries, equity, full coverage of health, vision, and dental benefits, and unlimited paid time off. And plenty of travel perks are part of the package.

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ulleo // Pixabay

#28. SunGrade Solar

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Social benefit corporations like SunGrade Solar are on the rise as more Americans turn to green energy for their everyday needs. Founded in 2016, the company installs residential solar panel systems with easy-to-use systems that score highly on Solar Reviews. The panels typically pay for themselves in utility bill savings, and the consumer continues to save money and use less fossil fuel-powered electricity. The company has been praised by employees for its focus on growth from within, and offering flexibility and work-life balance.  

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PhotoMIX-Company // Pixabay

#27. Index Exchange

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Employees are delighted with the work environment at New York City advertising tech company Index Exchange. The company rewards creativity and hard work with a comprehensive health, dental, and vision plan, in addition to paid parental leave, company-wide social events, 401(k) match, and gym reimbursement.

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3844328 // Pixabay

#26. Robinhood

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

This online brokerage company offers customers commission-free trading for stocks, exchange traded funds, options, and cryptocurrencies with an easy-to-navigate user interface that has launched its reputation within the financial sector. Robinhood has earned a formidable collection of recognitions and awards, including Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” list, Forbes’ “FinTech 50” list, and an Apple Design Award.

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nastya_gepp // Pixabay

#25. Whitepages

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

This company, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, continues to help people get in touch and verify their identities. Seattle’s “work hard, play hard” mentality is alive and well at this long-standing institution, which provides opportunities for growth, full health benefits, a company lunch twice weekly, matched charitable contributions, and unlimited vacation, in addition to tons of company-sponsored outings and events.

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geralt // Pixabay

#24. FortuneBuilders

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

The real estate market can be a tough world to navigate without the right education. FortuneBuilders seeks to give those looking to begin or enhance a real estate portfolio the systems, tools, educational platform, and coaching program they’ll need to succeed in the industry. Employees at this rapidly expanding company enjoy a dog-friendly office, company retreats and trips, and a comprehensive benefits package.   

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fancycrave1 // Pixabay

#23. Pariveda Solutions

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Technology consulting firm Pariveda Solutions develops custom apps and software to solve complex problems businesses may encounter. Fortune named Pariveda Solutions one of 2017's Best Small and Medium Workplaces. Unlike most private companies, Pariveda utilizes a cohort model for salaries—all employees of the same level make the same salary. Stock is earned from employees’ first day of work, and the company provides paid sabbaticals and full health benefits.


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6689062 // Pixabay

#22. Bizible

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Seattle-based Bizible—now part of Marketo—analyzes data and helps marketing teams present their case studies and other digital user information in order to optimize customer engagement. Named to Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2016 and 2017, among other recognitions, Bizible covers employees’ health plans, provides breakfast and lunch daily, and offers unlimited paid vacation.

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Erik_Lucatero // Pixabay

#21. Sprout Social

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Sprout Social develops custom social media strategies and software tools for companies to better interact with customers and clients. Their social responsibility initiatives include volunteer days at schools, winter holiday clothing drives, and food pantry donations, and fun activities like employee-led craft beer tastings. In addition to professional support and development programs, and a strong work life balance, Sprout Social has racked up dozens of accolades from professional organizations around the country.  

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Michael Andersen // Flickr

#20. Metromile

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Urban dwellers often forgo having a car, due to the high cost and difficulty of keeping one in a city. San Francisco-based Metromile seeks to change all that, with a pay-per-mile insurance model that saves low-distance drivers money. The company’s “culture committee” plans weekly events, like movie and game nights, potluck lunches, guest speakers, and company sports games. Add in commuter benefits, including bike subsidies, catered lunches, and a fully stocked kitchen, and you’ve got a team of happy Californians.

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Free-Photos // Pixabay

#19. Smart City Locating

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

An apartment rental company with a stellar reputation whose employees love working there exists in Smart City Locating—named among the “Best Places to Work” in Dallas by Business Journal in 2016 and 2017. The company provides a friendly and comprehensive search and rental experience. Employees enjoy team-building activities, paid excursions, and full health, dental, and vision benefits in addition to parental leave.

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Pexels // Pixabay

#18. SailPoint Technologies

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

SailPoint Technologies is an identity and access management provider that develops strategies for companies to organize, access, and protect their data remotely from mobile devices and secure clouds. Named one of Austin’s best places to work eight years in a row, the company, currently experiencing strong growth, is active in several local and national charities. It supports Explore Austin, Chick Tech, Girl Start, Central Texas Food Bank, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Make a Wish, American Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity.   

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rawpixel // Pixabay

#17. Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers is another lending firm with exceptional customer service and satisfied employees who work together under strong leadership to keep the mortgage process as short and painless as possible. The company offers full benefits and hosts events like potlucks, guest speakers, trips, and a spot on the softball team for anyone who’s up to the challenge.

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HutchRock // Pixabay

#16. Podium

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Podium helps companies gather and analyze reviews of their business from all over the internet, providing insight for improvement. Their employees enjoy unlimited vacation days, weekly catered lunches, lots of snacks, access to the company’s two Teslas for weekend excursions, and Monday morning smoothies.  

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rawpixel // Pixabay

#15. LogicMonitor

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

LogicMonitor develops automated management solutions for complex information technology environments. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the company has access to a wealth of outdoor activities, including hikes and yoga classes, is dog-friendly, has a guest speaker program, and offers a $1,000 incentive for taking a week off to fully unplug.   

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Alan Clark // Flickr

#14. FieldEdge

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

FieldEdge is the country’s leading provider of field service management software to the mechanical contractor market. The company prides itself on top-notch customer service and a family-friendly attitude that makes for good work-life balance. Add in a ping-pong table, a company dog, and free lunches, snacks, and drinks, and you have a winning formula.

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LoboStudioHamburg // Pixabay

#13. Big Switch Networks

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Big Switch Networks develops solutions to companies’ complex cloud-based data storage and access needs. Its employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package and unlimited paid time off. CEO Douglas Murray meets personally with small groups of employees of all levels in order to identify ways to improve company culture.  

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paulbr75 // Pixabay

#12. eXp Realty

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

eXp Realty is one of America’s fastest-growing real estate companies, and offers employees discounted stock options, free training, excellent benefits, and a cloud-based data system for the ability to work remotely from its “virtual island.” Employees also enjoy real-life company-wide trips.   

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PhotoMIX-Company // Pixabay

#11. Madwire

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Madwire helps small businesses with design, marketing, customer relationship management, and other tools with their customizable platform. The company has a yoga studio and gym, hosts sports days, and offers paid volunteer time, in addition to a comprehensive benefits package.

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Damian Morys // Flickr

#10. CarShield

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

The ultimate in extended vehicle service protection, CarShield eliminates the potential for bank account-ruining auto repairs not covered by regular car insurance and is enjoying rapid growth. With stellar reviews from Consumer Affairs, Google, and Trustpilot, CarShield also provides a great experience for its employees with catered lunches, flexible hours, and company-sponsored trips.

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Pexels // Pixabay

#9. CB Insights

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Experiencing growth of 100% per year—and cited by the media 3,000 times last year alone—CB Insights provides data analysis services to help corporations solve complex problems using probable statistics. The company treats its employees as well as its clients, offering full benefits, plus rare perks like an education stipend, a food delivery stipend, “bring your kids to work” days, and weekly yoga and meditation.    

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Sentinelle del mattino International // Flickr

#8. Life.Church

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Can’t make it to a formal Sunday service? Church can come to you, thanks to Life.Church. An online evangelical covenant community that organizes regional and online gatherings, Life.Church also provides digital resources, apps, curriculum, podcasts, graphics, and other materials to help members connect to each other as well as their faith. Generous paid time off, full benefits, including matching 401(k)s, mobile plan reimbursement, maternity and paternity leave, and the option to work from home all encourage employees to live their fullest lives.

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Free-Photos // Pixabay

#7. Glint

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

Glint’s goal is to help companies pinpoint internal problems and solve them. An innovative tool for the modern HR representative, Glint helps address employees’ wants and needs before they become cause to seek employment elsewhere. As one might imagine, their own employee culture is top-notch: unlimited paid time off, performance bonuses, the option to work from home, gym reimbursements, catered lunches, and lots of company-sponsored events, parties, and happy hours.

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FirmBee // Pixabay

#6. OppLoans

Glassdoor rating: 4.8

OppLoans is an online financial lender that prides itself on being “socially responsible.” By not employing predatory practices and providing outstanding customer service, the company has attracted an enormous amount of attention in recent years. “OppLoans is a great place to work because we know that taking care of our employees lets our employees take care of our customers,” says CEO Jared Kaplan.There’s a gym in the building, flexible hours, subsidized lunch delivery, commuter assistance, and extensive job training and personal development opportunities.

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mohamed_hassan // Pixabay

#5. Zoom Video Communications

Glassdoor rating: 4.9

Zoom’s management system provides clients with cloud video conferencing, easy-to-use online meetings, group messaging, and access to remote conference rooms to maximize productivity. In addition to unlimited vacation time and a robust benefits program, Zoom offers exciting company outings and trips, and is overall enthusiastic about its office culture.

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CyberRabbit // Pixabay

#4. Acceleration Partners

Glassdoor rating: 4.9

Working remotely is on the rise, and Acceleration Partners seeks to streamline the process. Developed to enable individuals to structure and complete remote work effectively around their personal lives, the company has received broad praise and experienced rapid growth. Employees are rewarded for their motivation with tailored benefits packages, maternity and paternity leave, unpaid extended leave, tuition assistance, job training, life, and disability insurance and of course, the option to get it all done from home.

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S.C. Air National Guard // Flickr

#3. Next Century

Glassdoor rating: 4.9

Not only is Next Century ahead of its time technology-wise; they’re saving lives every day. The company’s predictive analytics software provides key information to emergency responders, intelligence analysts, warfighters, and other professionals who specialize in crisis management, saving valuable time and providing ease of use. Employees enjoy Next Century’s full benefits, as well as personal growth opportunities like tuition reimbursement and leadership courses, plus fun company activities like happy hours, barbecues, and ice cream socials.  

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paulbr75 // Pixabay

#2. New Home Star

Glassdoor rating: 4.9

New Home Star is the country’s largest privately owned seller of new homes, providing employees with video courses, specialized workshops, and one-on-one mentoring in order to maximize profitability, while also paying above-market salaries. The company provides healthy lunches and unlimited vacation time, as well as the occasional Tesla giveaway—to the winner of their Clash of the Titans sales competition, that is.  

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StockSnap // Pixabay

#1. Silverline

Glassdoor rating: 4.9

Silverline provides consulting services to businesses by using Salesforce products and third party apps. Interested in what lands them in the #1 spot on the list? Employees have medical and dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, matching 401(k) plan, life insurance, unlimited vacation days, flexible work options, education reimbursement, development programs, monthly socials, stocked fridges, ping-pong games, trips, in-office massages, and a staunch opposition to micromanagement.

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