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Best exercises that burn calories

Stacker set out to discover which common exercises burn the most calories per hour. We consulted Washburn University’s adaptation of the 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities, and ranked the top 18 exercises.

Best boarding schools in America

This Stacker slideshow features the top 100 American boarding schools, ranked by data compiled and analyzed by Niche. School features, highlights, and unique traits are presented alongside facts on tuition, size, and academics.

30 major moments in Girl Scouts history

A compilation of 30 major moments in Girl Scouts history, ranging from the 1912 founding to the 2014 launch of Digital Cookie—including historical milestones, notable members, and culturally significant moments.

Countries that spend the most on space exploration

While outer space exploration is a relatively new pursuit of the past century, the industry has determined which countries end up on the moon—and which stay grounded. This list includes the nations around the world that invest the most in space programs.

High-paying side hustles

As the gig economy becomes a reality for more Americans, finding a lucrative part-time job is a top priority. These are “side hustles” that one can do part-time or freelance, on location or remotely, and which tend to offer a high average paycheck (more than $15 an hour).

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