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Famous historic homes in every state curated a state-by-state list of historic homes in the United States, from Gilded Age mansions to humble log cabins, gathered from architectural, government, and educational websites.

50 TV ads that made history

This slideshow compiles 50 commercials that made television history for a variety of reasons, including innovative content, cultural significance, artistic value, and overall popularity.

Famous TV shows that ended in controversy

Stacker curated this slideshow of 15 award-winning television shows with season finales that were met with controversy. All programs must have won at least an Emmy or Golden Globe in at least one category.

Famous works of art from 30 countries around the world

This story is a curated list of artwork from around the globe, highlighting both their artistic and cultural significance. Included works were selected for their particularly rich history or association with their country of origin.

Stunning, historic hotels from every state and the stories behind them

Stacker curated this list of stunning, historic hotels from every state. To be considered for inclusion, the structure must be more than 50 years old. Many of the selected hotels are listed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and several are purported to be haunted.