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Where every U.S. president went to college

Stacker pored through presidential historical societies and libraries,, and the Library of Congress to create a list of where every U.S.

What America's most popular dog breeds look like as puppies

Stacker puts together a gallery of the 50 most popular breeds in America based on 2020 American Kennel Club data.

States with the most expensive gas prices

AAA tracks average daily gas prices per gallon for each state. Using data pulled from AAA on June 30, 2020, Stacker ranked each state and Washington D.C., from lowest to highest cost of gas. Prices for regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel gases were considered.

Most walk-friendly cities in America

Stacker mined data from Walk Score to rank the most walk-friendly cities in America.

How much water it takes to create 30 common items

Stacker compiled the water footprint of 30 common items to examine how much water goes into producing the things people use every day.

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