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Most common jobs held by women today

Here's what "women's work" actually consists of, according to 2019 data from the Department of Labor Women's Bureau.

Voting laws in every state

Election Day is right around the corner. Stacker compiled the voting laws in every state, according to Ballotpedia, RepresentUs,, and others.

Popular children’s books published the year you were born

Stacker compiled a list of popular children’s books published every year between 1920 and 2019 based on librarian and teacher polls, top 100 roundups in media like Time magazine and the BBC, book critic reviews, interviews with children’s book authors, and lists

100 best rock albums of all time, according to critics

Stacker takes a look at the best rock albums of all time, according to critics’ reviews compiled by Metacritic. Is your favorite considered to be among the best in history? Click through to find out.

Countries most dependent on tourism

Stacker lists 50 countries whose economies depend on a steady stream of visitors, according to data from the World Bank’s

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