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In honor of Dictionary Day, here are notable new words coined the year you were born

The English language is a living, breathing, expanding phenomenon. Year after year, new words are coined as time, technology, world events, and fashions dictate—but fads are fickle. In honor of Dictionary Day Oct.

Defining historical moments from the year you were born

Stacker digs up defining historical moments from the year you were born.

States with the most farmland

Stacker explores states with the most and least farmland. The U.S. has roughly 2 million farm households, but which American regions have the most acreage devoted to farming? Stacker analyzed the U.S.

Most pet-friendly cities in America

Stacker mined data from WalletHub to curate a gallery of the most pet-friendly cities in America based on pet budget, pet health and wellness, and outdoor pet-friendliness in America's 50 biggest cities.

The 100 best cities to raise a family

Stacker looks at the 100 best cities to raise a family in the United States. Texas and California claim the most cities on the list, while a city west of Chicago earns the top spot.

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