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100 best episodes of ‘I Love Lucy’

Using data from IMDb, Stacker compiled a lis

100 best 'Twilight Zone' episodes of all time

Stacker ranks the top 100 episodes from the original series of "The Twilight Zone."

100 best TV shows of all time

Stacker explores the 100 top-rated TV shows of all time. The shows with the highest IMDb score are ranked the highest, with #1 being the best TV show of all time, as rated by IMDb users, and with ties broken by the number of votes.

50 best college movies

Stacker explores 50 all-time classic movies about going to college.

Ranking the best MASH episodes of all time

Stacker has taken a look back and created the ultimate, definitive list of the top 100 “M*A*S*H” episodes of all time based on fan-generated IMDb scores. Do you remember these memorable moments or is it time for a rewatch?