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Best war movies of all time

Based on IMDb rankings and Metacritic scores, Stacker compiled a list of the best war movies of all time. How many have you seen?

Easy dog breeds for first-time owners

Never owned a dog, and wondering what breed is the best one for you? Stacker used data from the American Kennel Club to help determine which are the easiest breeds for first-time owners.


Famous moments in magazine history from the year you were born

Stacker takes a look back at a century of magazine history with a list of noteworthy magazine events from the past 100 years.

50 celebrities you might not know are LGTBQ+

Stacker highlights 50 LGBTQ+ celebrities and their integral contributions to the entertainment industry.

Signature breakfast foods in every state

Stacker looked at food trends and cultural histories across the United States to determine the signature breakfast foods in every state.

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