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30 pop songs you may not know are covers

Stacker put together a list of 30 famous pop songs that audiences may not know are covers. Data comes from VHI, Buzzfeed, and Culture Trip, with stats from Billboard, the RIAA, and U.K. Singles Chart.

Polar bears and 50 other species threatened by climate change

Stacker explores species threatened by climate change.

Best country music albums of all time

Stacker compiled the best country albums of all time as per Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Country Albums list. These ratings are based on albums’ weekly performance on the Top Country Albums chart from January 1996 to June 2016.

100 years of military history

Stacker looked at information from the Defense Manpower Data Center, the U.S. Census historical population tables, and the St. Louis Federal Reserve to see how the military has changed over the years.

Former jobs of every Supreme Court justice

Stacker researched the former jobs of all current U.S. Supreme Court justices, including education, early career, and position held prior to their Supreme Court confirmation.