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Can you answer these real Jeopardy questions about movies?

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September 14, 2020
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Can you answer these real Jeopardy questions about movies?

Shouting out the answers to "Jeopardy!" questions from the comfort of a couch might be one of life's purest pleasures. Get one right, and you're grinning with pride and imagining yourself taking home a massive check as a "Jeopardy!" winner. If you don't know the answer, that's OK too—you still get to cheer on the brainiacs competing on the show.

That's what makes "Jeopardy!" so much fun to watch: the legendary quiz questions. A carefully curated blend of obscure trivia and more common knowledge, "Jeopardy!" is just tough enough that the average viewer almost feels like he could make it on the show. While most viewers at don't have the knowledge to win big in categories like National Marine Sanctuaries, Deus X, or Diplomatic Relations, one category that most people know a little about is movies. All that time spent at the movie theater or binging Netflix might finally pay off. Technically, two hours spent watching a rom-com is just studying pop culture.

But what kind of trivia questions about movies, actors, and actresses has "Jeopardy!" featured throughout the years? To see just how tough the game show's film categories have been, Stacker scoured nearly 370,000 questions memorialized in the Jeopardy! Archive. The following list of 25 "Jeopardy!" questions about movies represents the breadth and depth of the game show's questions, covering everything from classic Hollywood films, to beloved fantasy series, to recent blockbusters.

Whether a serious film buff with an encyclopedic memory of IMDb or a more casual moviegoer, all fans can have a blast quizzing themselves and friends on their knowledge of movies. Click through the slideshow to see how well you would perform on an episode of Jeopardy!  

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Clue #1

The blonde preferred in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

- Category: Actors & Roles
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Sept. 10, 1984

Answer #1

Who is Marilyn Monroe?

Classic film fans will no doubt know the answer to this question that appeared in the very first episode of "Jeopardy!" hosted by Alex Trebek. Those that knew the bombshell blonde who appeared in the 1953 comedy could have earned $400.

Clue #2

In '61 movie, Audrey Hepburn's alternative to brunch in bed.

- Category: "B" Movies
- Value: $100
- Date episode aired: Sept. 21, 1984

Answer #2

What is "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

Hepburn fans, don't get up in arms: The name of this category doesn't refer to the quality of the movies named, but rather the first initial of each film's title.

Clue #3

His first American movie with Fontaine & Olivier, in which title character never appears.

- Category: Hitchcock
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: Oct. 4, 1984

Answer #3

What is "Rebecca"?

Horror buffs might know the answer to this question about one of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock's films. Though Hitchcock was British, this film marked the beginning of his career in American cinema.

Clue #4

The make of car that starts up immediately after 200 years in Woody Allen's "Sleeper."

- Category: Movies
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Oct. 3, 1985

Answer #4

What is the Volkswagen Beetle?

For those not familiar with all of Woody Allen's work, the reference to "Sleeper" might be a bit of a deep cut. The 1973 parody sci-fi film follows a health food store owner who is cryogenically frozen, then defrosted 200 years later.

Clue #5

In his first feature film, he played The Scarecrow in "The Wiz."

- Category: Actors & Roles
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: Nov. 14, 1985

Answer #5

Who is Michael Jackson?

Though Michael Jackson made his film debut as the Scarecrow in "The Wiz," he was by no means unknown. For one thing, he had already released four solo albums with Motown Records—not to mention several more with Jackson 5.

Clue #6

Creators of "Casper" say this film's logo plagiarized one of their characters.

- Category: Ghosts
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: November 18, 1985

Answer #6

What is "Ghostbusters"?

Know your paranormal trivia? Then you might know the answer to this question about two movies where ghosts and other supernatural forces play a starring role.

Clue #7

In "Jezebel," Davis shocked New Orleans society by wearing a dress of this color to the ball.

- Category: Bette Davis
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: May 23, 1990

Answer #7

What is red?

Legendary actress Bette Davis had such an impressive career, "Jeopardy!" dedicated an entire category to her in this 1990 episode. The color scheme used on the movie poster for "Jezebel" might give viewers a clue about the answer to this question.

Clue #8

Kevin Costner starred in this 1989 film based on the novel "Shoeless Joe."

- Category: Film Facts
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: June 31, 1990

Answer #8

What is "Field of Dreams"?

This sweetly sentimental tale of a dreamy corn farmer who follows the advice of voices that no one else can hear is beloved by movie-goers, as its 86% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes can attest.

Clue #9

This 1955 movie musical featured Rod Steiger in a dream ballet choreographed by Agnes de Mille.

- Category: Movie Musicals
- Value: Final Jeopardy
- Date episode aired: Jan. 16, 1992

Answer #9

What is "Oklahoma"?

Rod Steiger plays the menacing, disturbed farmhand Jud Fry in this movie musical. The dream ballet he appears in is an equally dark portrayal of desire, fear, and lust.

Clue #10

"A Streetcar Named Desire" earned this actress her second Oscar, at 38.

- Category: Thirtysomething
- Value: $600
- Date episode aired: Nov. 25, 1993

Answer #10

Who is Vivien Leigh?

After taking home her first Academy Award for her iconic portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With The Wind," Leigh took on another legendary leading role: Blanche DuBois in "A Streetcar Named Desire." She actually appeared in both the London production of the Tennessee Williams play and the film adaptation.

Clue #11

In "Free Willy," Willy is this type of creature.

- Category: The Movies
- Value: $100
- Date episode aired: Feb. 18, 1994

Answer #11

What is a killer whale?

Kids who grew up in the '90s probably remember this heartwarming movie about one young boy's quest to return a captive killer whale named Willy to his natural habitat. What they might not know is that the whale who played Willy had a much sadder life story.

Clue #12

This 1995 film tells the story of a piglet who dreams of being a sheepdog.

- Category: Pigs on Film
- Value: $300
- Date episode aired: Nov. 8, 1995

Answer #12

What is "Babe"?

Baa ram ewe! This adorable film about a piglet with grand ambitions was beloved by audiences around the world and even earned actor James Cromwell an Oscar nod. Fun fact: 48 different large white Yorkshire piglets played the title role.

Clue #13

This 1963 portrait of a frustrated director is often considered Fellini's masterpiece.

- Category: The Movies
- Value: $1000
- Date episode aired: Nov. 10, 1995

Answer #13

What is "8 1/2"?

This film question came up on an episode of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" featuring actor Thomas Haden Church, actress Yasmine Bleeth, and comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Foxworthy went on to win with a score of $6,100.

Clue #14

In this 1992 Susan Sarandon film, olive oil was used as a treatment for A.L.D., a rare nerve disease.

- Category: The Movies
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: June 26, 1997

Answer #14

What is "Lorenzo's Oil"?

"Lorenzo's Oil" is based on the true story of Augusto and Michaela Odone, whose son Lorenzo Odone was borne with adrenoleukodystrophy or ALD. When conventional medicine couldn't do much to help their son, the Odones took matters into their own hands and developed a chemical compound that appeared to slow the progression of the disease. The real-life Lorenzo lived to the age of 30—much longer than the life expectancy given to him by his doctors.

Clue #15

Burgess Meredith could have sung "Hello, Dolly!" when he played this man in the film "Magnificent Doll."

- Category: Acting Presidents
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: June 2, 1998

Answer #15

Who is James Madison?

Ginger Rogers played Dolly Madison while Burgess Meredith played her husband James in this 1946 biopic. Interestingly, Dolly was the star of the film, not her presidential husband.

Clue #16

Ricki Lake appeared as a bridesmaid in this film that starred Melanie Griffith as an ambitious secretary.

- Category: Actors and Actresses
- Value: $300
- Date episode aired: June 26, 2000

Answer #16

What is "Working Girl"?

The story of a Staten Island girl making her mark in the big city was a huge hit when it came out in 1988, giving Melanie Griffith her biggest role to date. The depiction of womanhood in the workplace was groundbreaking at the time.

Clue #17

Jack Nicholson played L.A. private eye J.J. Gittes in this 1974 classic.

- Category: Film Noir
- Value: $100
- Date episode aired: June 11, 2001

Answer #17

What is "Chinatown"?

This Roman Polanski-directed film has received its fair share of critical acclaim, from the legendary score to the Oscar-winning screenplay.

Clue #18

"Blast this Christmas music! It's joyful and triumphant."

- Category: Movie Quotes
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: June 12, 2001

Answer #18

What is "The Grinch"?

This "Jeopardy!" question could be a tricky one for those not paying close attention to the clue. The quote comes from the live action version of "The Grinch" starring Jim Carrey, not the original 1966 animated short.

Clue #19

This person appeared in more than 35 Alfred Hitchcock movies.

- Category: At The Movies
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: July 11, 2003

Answer #19

Who is Alfred Hitchcock?

Viewers could also get tripped up on this "Jeopardy!" question about the famed thriller director's oeuvre. Hitchcock was famous for putting himself in his films, often making silent, walk-on cameos like a man carrying a violin case in "Spellbound" and a man in a class reunion photograph in "Dial M for Murder."

Clue #20

In "Rocky III," Sly regains "The Eye of the Tiger" training for a rematch with Clubber Lang, played by this man.

- Category: Sylvester Stallone
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: April 24, 2004

Answer #20

Who is Mr. T?

Mr. T—also known as Laurence Tureaud—got his first starring role in "Rocky III," in which he had the famous line "I pity the fool!" Before breaking into film, Mr. T won the national competition for "America's Toughest Bouncer" and appeared on WWE.

Clue #21

Emma Watson made her acting debut as this bookish friend of Harry Potter.

- Category: Actors and Actresses
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: May 4, 2004

Answer #21

Who is Hermione Granger?

Though Emma Watson had acted in some local theater productions before, she had never acted on the big screen before landing her breakout role in the "Harry Potter" series at the age of 9. She did eight auditions for the blockbuster series about witchcraft and wizardry.

Clue #22

He played God incarnate in this Jim Carrey film.

- Category: Morgan Freeman Film Roles
- Value: $1200
- Date episode aired: July 19, 2005

Answer #22

What is "Bruce Almighty"?

You better be a serious Morgan Freeman fan to do well in this category devoted to the actor. His deep, sonorous voice made Freeman a perfect candidate for the role of God in "Bruce Almighty."

Clue #23

We gotta hand it to this left-handed actress for winning an Oscar for "Erin Brockovich."

- Category: Hollywood Lefties
- Value: $600
- Date episode aired: Jan. 15, 2007

Answer #23

Who is Julia Roberts?

"Jeopardy!" devoted a whole category to left-handed Hollywood stars. Besides actress Julia Roberts, other notable lefties include Oprah Winfrey, Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, and Nicole Kidman.

Clue #24

Elizabeth Berkley does some dirty dancing in clubs and thrashes about in a pool with Kyle MacLachlan in this film.

- Category: Dirty Dancing With the Stars
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: July 1, 2011

Answer #24

What is "Showgirls"?

This 1995 film is so campy, raunchy, and ridiculous that it has become something of a cult classic, beloved by audiences for its so-bad-it's-good plot. Elizabeth Berkley made her film debut as Nomi Malone, an ambitious dancer who will do anything to make it in Las Vegas.

Clue #25

A highlight of this 2016 Disney film was a sloth working at the DMV.

- Category: Pop Culture Portmanteaus
- Value: $1600
- Date episode aired: Jan. 25, 2019

Answer #25

What is "Zootopia"?

Audiences loved the ironic choice to fill the DMV with sloth workers moving incredibly slowly in "Zootopia," the Disney animated film about a mammal metropolis. "Zootopia" even took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.

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