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Golfers who have won the most green jackets

Winning the Masters is often the crowning achievement of any golfer’s career. With a storied history and countless memorable moments, the tournament is also the highlight of the PGA calendar year.

Movies where it was all a dream (or was it?)

It was all a dream… or was it? Movies about dream states and altered consciousness are staples in the cinema lexicon.

America's 50 favorite actors of all time

Stacker looks at America's 50 favorite actors of all time.

NBA history from the year you were born

To commemorate the upcoming 75th anniversary of the National Basketball Association in 2022, Stacker looked back at historical moments from every year from 1946 to today.

Richest NBA players

While NBA players make millions of dollars on the basketball court, it’s often their extracurricular business activities that set them up for life.