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The cost of gasoline the year you started driving

Stacker scoured data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to share with you the cost of gas from the year you started driving. The data is current as of 2020 and ranked in terms of cost by the inflation-adjusted price.

32 groundbreaking NASA missions in photographs

Stacker looks at 30 groundbreaking NASA missions in photographs, including missions such as Apollo 11, the Space Shuttle Program, and Cassini.

Dog breeds gaining the most popularity

Stacker pulled data from the American Kennel Club (AKC) to compare dog popularity rankings from 1999 and 2019; the 2019 popularity rankings were released on May 1, 2020.

50 best public colleges ranked from least to most expensive

Stacker has ranked the 50 best public universities in the country in order from least to most expensive using data from Niche, a site that reviews and ranks schools.

30 famous people you might not know were college athletes

Stacker dug deep to find 30 celebrities who were previously college athletes. This list includes a range of sports and covers celebrities from a wide array of industries including entertainment, politics, and literature.

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