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Top 100 country songs of all time

  • #80. 'God Gave Me You' by Blake Shelton

    - Artist: Blake Shelton
    - Billboard rank: #80

    Though the song was originally recorded by a Christian artist, Blake Shelton’s 2011 cover brought it into the spotlight. Critics didn’t love Shelton's performance, but it nevertheless earned the country legend his fifth consecutive #1 single.

  • #79. 'There Won't Be Anymore' by Charlie Rich

    - Artist: Charlie Rich
    - Billboard rank: #79

    This song was recorded in the 1960s, but it wasn’t released as a single until 1973. The pop crossover, which features a saxophone solo, is an anthem of closure for a broken relationship.

  • #78. 'Die A Happy Man' by Thomas Rhett

    - Artist: Thomas Rhett
    - Billboard rank: #78

    Thomas Rhett’s sweet 2015 song topped multiple charts and was a popular choice for first dances at weddings. The music video features Rhett's wife, and the song received plenty of of pop airplay when producers added vocals from artist Tori Kelly.

  • #77. 'My Heart/Silent Night (After The Fight)' by Ronnie Milsap

    - Artist: Ronnie Milsap
    - Billboard rank: #77

    The 1980 medley is a combination of two hit songs. The first starts with a narrator realizing he wronged someone, and the second ends when he discovers nothing can be done about it. 

  • #76. 'If We Make It Through December' by Merle Haggard

    - Artist: Merle Haggard
    - Billboard rank: #76

    Merle Haggard’s 1971 single, with lyrics referencing unemployment and loneliness, also bears a holiday theme. Critics enjoyed the song, saying it contributed to Haggard's reputation as a “complete artist.”

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  • #75. 'Before You Go' by Buck Owens

    - Artist: Buck Owens
    - Billboard rank: #75

    The title track of Buck Owens’ 1965 album was his seventh to hit #1 on the Billboard country singles chart. In the soulful song, the narrator begs his lover to remember that he loves her before she leaves, following an argument.

  • #74. 'Two Dozen Roses' by Shenandoah

    - Artist: Shenandoah
    - Billboard rank: #74

    In this melancholy song, a narrator desperately wants to know what he could have done to stop his lover from leaving, eventually realizing it’s out of his hands. The 1989 recording hit #1 on the country charts, and left fans with several infamous breakup lines.

  • #73. 'It's Just A Matter Of Time' by Randy Travis

    - Artist: Randy Travis
    - Billboard rank: #73

    Though the song was originally recorded as a pop performance, three country artists covered it. Randy Travis found the most success with this tune, hitting #1 on the country charts in 1989.

  • #72. 'Good Morning Beautiful' by Steve Holy

    - Artist: Steve Holy
    - Billboard rank: #72

    Steve Holy’s hit was originally released as part of the soundtrack for the movie “Angel Eyes.” It’s an upbeat song with no twist ending: only happiness and hope between two lovers.

  • #71. 'Big City' by Merle Haggard

    - Artist: Merle Haggard
    - Billboard rank: #71

    This 1982 single was Merle Haggard’s 27th #1 hit on the country charts, cementing him as one of the most popular country artists in history. A friend's complaints inspired many of the lyrics that lamented life in a big, dirty city.

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