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Most likely destination for travelers from every state

  • Most likely destination for travelers from every state

    When U.S. citizens travel, they often fly within the country—less than half of Americans have a passport. The most popular destinations for plane travel are California, Texas, Florida, and New York. Orlando, Fla., takes the top spot for the most visited domestic city, but Las Vegas also brings in millions of tourists annually. Beach vacations are another favorite way to travel, which is why homegrown tourism to Florida continues to increase. In 2018, domestic visits were up 7.1%.

    While some people hate flying and dread the idea of having a conversation with a stranger, about 1 in 50 people say they end up finding the love of their life on a flight. About 16% of travelers form a business connection and 14% say they made long-lasting friendships with a fellow plane traveler.

    Retirees and snowbirds might also be hitting the skies to travel from high tax states like New York and New Jersey to ones that are more tax-friendly. South Carolina and North Carolina don’t have a tax on social security income; Florida doesn’t tax withdrawals from retirement accounts, and Georgia provides a $65,000 tax deduction on all types of income for those over the age of 64. Nevada and Arizona are also retirement-friendly.  

    Using data provided by SmarterTravel, which used flight search query data from Airfarewatchdog spanning October 2017 to October 2018, Stacker compiled a list of the most likely destination for travelers from each state. SmarterTravel picked the top three destination states from all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C. based on approximately 30 million flight searches. Some states are more popular to search for than others: Florida is the top destination state from 33 different states, and California is #1 for 10 different states.   

    Read on to find out the most likely destination for travelers from every state.

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  • Alabama

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 21%
    2. Texas: 10%
    3. California: 7%

    The southern portion of Alabama's state line borders the Florida panhandle. The two states even share a bit of the Gulf Coast shoreline, and some say Alabamians and North Floridians share a common belief system of determination and stubbornness. Alabama residents can get to Texas, their second favorite state, rather quickly. A direct flight from Birmingham to Dallas takes less than two hours.

  • Alaska

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Washington: 15%
    2. California: 11%
    3. Nevada: 8%

    Washington is the closest state to Alaska, and residents can fly directly from Anchorage to Seattle in about 3.5 hours. The two states have also been business partners for a couple of centuries. During winter, the sunny states of California and Nevada can provide some much needed daylight to the residents of some Alaskan cities. People who live in Utqiagvik, the northernmost city in the U.S., entered a 65-day period of perpetual darkness back in November that extends until Jan. 23.

  • Arizona

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. California: 13%
    2. Florida: 8%
    3. Texas: 7%

    In 1934, Arizona Gov. Benjamin Moeur declared martial law when a water rights conflict broke out between Arizona and California during the construction of the Parker Dam. The two states continue to have disputes over water, but sharing a border facilitates easy travel between them. Southwest offers almost 100 flights a day from Tucson to Los Angeles.

  • Arkansas

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 17%
    2. California: 13%
    3. Texas: 9%

    Arkansas is the capital of quartz, spinach, and archery bow production, and it's also landlocked. This craving for coastline could be why Arkansans focus their searches on states with beaches. For residents who want some authentic Texas barbecue, a flight to Dallas is less than 2 hours from many Arkansas cities.

  • California

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. California: 11%
    2. Hawaii: 10%
    3. Nevada: 10%

    California is not only the top destination for people from other states—its own residents like to fly in between its cities. Whether for work or pleasure, California residents can get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1.5 hours. Other than Hawaii, this West Coast state is home to more Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders than any other state in the U.S.

  • Colorado

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 12%
    2. California: 12%
    3. Nevada: 9%

    Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and world famous ski resorts, which makes the state a great destination for hiking in the summer, and snowboarding and skiing in the winter. But residents who prefer a beach vacation look for flights to Florida and California.

  • Connecticut

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 49%
    2. California: 6%
    3. South Carolina: 5%

    Winters in Connecticut can be long and harsh. This environmental fact might be one of reasons why some of the state's residents are choosing to vacation, or even relocate, to Florida. Since they're already on the East Coast, Connecticut residents can get to Florida a lot faster than to California.

  • Delaware

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 32%
    2. Georgia: 5%
    3. Texas: 5%

    Fewer than 1 million people live in Delaware, a state that isn't much larger than Anchorage, Alaska. When those residents want to get away, they look first to Florida. Business travelers could be heading to Georgia, as Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot and the Coca-Cola Company are headquartered in Atlanta, but incorporated in business-friendly Delaware.

  • District of Columbia

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. Florida: 27%
    2. California: 11%
    3. Nevada: 7%

    The nation's capital is a popular vacation destination itself. It's home to the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Museum of American History, and too many other places of interest to list here. Even though Washington D.C. has plenty of things to do, it's not famous for white sand and beaches. That lack of year-round beach availability could be why most people in Washington D.C. are perusing flights for Florida and California.

  • Florida

    Most common flight destinations:
    1. New York: 14%
    2. California: 6%
    3. Texas: 6%

    When people in the Sunshine State travel, they head to New York. Or back to New York, as is often the case. Florida is a low tax state, which is popular with retirees. Florida doesn't tax withdrawals from retirement accounts, for example. It's such a popular spot with New Yorkers that many affluent residents already have second homes there, and some New York hospitals have opened medical clinics in the state.

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