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Mistakes from the 100 worst movies of all time

  • #10. House of the Dead (2003)

    - Director: Uwe Boll
    - IMDb user rating: 2.0
    - Metascore: 15
    - Runtime: 90 min

    This zombie film based on a video game universe was hammered by critics for its plotless ineptitude. In one early scene, a man on a boat shoots the same zombie over and over again. The extra, costumed in a netting covered in seaweed, repeatedly dies, then appears on another part of the boat to get shot into the water yet again.

  • #9. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004)

    - Director: Bob Clark
    - IMDb user rating: 1.9
    - Metascore: 9
    - Runtime: 88 min

    Dedicated to the ridiculous, this sequel about a commando preschooler stars Jon Voight, using a thick and uneven German accent, as a villainous officer in charge of an orphanage. The plot concerns a toddler-esque action hero whose various stunt doubles obviously mismatch with the child actor’s body size.

  • #8. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

    - Director: Harold P. Warren
    - IMDb user rating: 1.9
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 70 min

    This notoriously horrible movie was produced and directed by an amateur as the result of a bet, and made famous by “ Mystery Science Theater 3000.” In an early scene, the director, who also stars, mouths the word “cut,” breaking character. The incoherent plot involves the deity Manos (“manos” is Spanish for hands), a strange cult, its “master” (wearing a cape with giant red hands on it), and also, burned, severed hands.

  • #7. The Hottie & the Nottie (2008)

    - Director: Tom Putnam
    - IMDb user rating: 1.9
    - Metascore: 7
    - Runtime: 91 min

    This Paris Hilton rom-com was actually marketed as one of the worst reviewed films of all-time when it premiered overseas. The story follows a hottie (Hilton) and her hideous friend. The hottie won’t date until the ugly woman gets a date too. The makeup on the “nottie,” to create her body-wide repulsiveness, is obviously fake and excessive.

  • #6. Disaster Movie (2008)

    - Directors: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
    - IMDb user rating: 1.9
    - Metascore: 15
    - Runtime: 87 min

    The accidental irony of the film’s title is one of the hundreds of inanities in this spoof of the disaster film genre. It contains numerous unmatched shots and continuity errors, but one of its dumbest gaffes (perhaps intentional?) occurs when the Incredible Hulk’s jeans rip away. The giant green man quickly covers his privates, embarrassed, but not before the audience gets a clear view of undies painted green.

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  • #5. Going Overboard (1989)

    - Director: Valerie Breiman
    - IMDb user rating: 1.8
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 99 min

    In 1989, before his “Saturday Night Live” days, Adam Sandler starred in this terrible movie about a comedian looking to do stand-up on a cruise ship after the regular comic disappears. Sandler’s character directly addresses the camera in awkward bits that bomb. Set on an ocean liner, the film features numerous long shot inserts of the ship and bodies of water that clearly aren’t matched locations.

  • #4. Pledge This! (2006)

    - Directors: William Heins, Strathford Hamilton
    - IMDb user rating: 1.8
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 91 min

    Set at the fictional South Beach University and starring Paris Hilton as a college student, this film abounds in the implausible. It’s a sex romp comedy about what it takes to be in a hot sorority and features misogyny that rivals what’s usual for the genre. Though the plot pits beautiful women (led by Hilton’s character) against those deemed undesirable, the film goes extra low when it comes to stereotypes, featuring an Indian woman named “Poo Poo,” alongside rampant toilet humor.

  • #3. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    - Director: James Nguyen
    - IMDb user rating: 1.8
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 105 min

    The most significant mistake in “Birdemic,” the CGI killer bird effects, also display the cult film’s greatest charm—its hapless, so-bad-it’s-good style. Reportedly made for a budget of $10,000 by an inexperienced cast and crew, the film abounds with errors in continuity and basic production mistakes across multiple categories. The killer bird effects, however, clash with the film’s rendering of reality, appearing as two-dimensional illustrations with wooden movements that hover in place over live-action footage.

  • #2. Turks in Space (2006)

    - Director: Kartal Tibet
    - IMDb user rating: 1.6
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 110 min

    The primary mistake of “Turks in Space,” aside from the decision to make it at all, is that it has no clear link to “The Man Who Saved the World”—a 1982 Turkish B movie—though billed as its sequel. The first film spliced unauthorized footage of “Star Wars” into its own gloriously cheesy sci-fi saga. This 2006 follow-up about the “Son” of the “Man” from the first film fails to re-create the charm of the original.

  • #1. Saving Christmas (2014)

    - Director: Darren Doane
    - IMDb user rating: 1.4
    - Metascore: 18
    - Runtime: 79 min

    “Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” boasts 0% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and seems universally reviled. The film’s primary fault stems from the way its heavy-handed message (briefly, that atheism ruins Christmas) combines with uncommonly shoddy filmmaking. As the New York Times review points out, the film’s director can be overheard “tell[ing] an actor the digital camera can ‘roll all day.’”

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