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Mistakes from the 100 worst movies of all time

  • #50. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)

    - Director: Trent Cooper
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 21
    - Runtime: 89 min

    The second installment in the “Larry the Cable Guy” franchise, “Health Inspector” is riddled with continuity mistakes. Notable discrepancies include a vanishing Popeyes cup in Larry’s truck and disappearing notes on an investigation whiteboard. Unfortunately, the irreverent and often misused humor is the film’s biggest mistake.

  • #49. Hercules in New York (1970)

    - Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 23
    - Runtime: 92 min

    Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Hercules in his first film role, hilariously dubbed, leaving the actor’s famous Austrian accent laughably missing. In the first shots that introduce Hercules, he walks upstairs to see his father Zeus. An extra changes position and greenery gets added between shots. Soon after, set lights are visible in Zeus’ crystal ball.

  • #48. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1995)

    - Director: Kim Henkel
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 50
    - Runtime: 87 min

    The first iteration in 1974 of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise became a horror classic set within severe family dysfunction. The fourth entry stars Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey, who offers a bombastic performance as a country boy psycho. In the ending credits, McConaughey's name is spelled wrong with an extra “n:” McConnaughey.

  • #47. Barb Wire (1996)

    - Director: David Hogan
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 40
    - Runtime: 98 min

    Pamela Anderson (Pamela Lee in 1996) of “Baywatch” fame starred as Barb Wire in this cartoonish, comic book film that was panned by critics for its cliché-ridden banality. It’s filled with continuity mistakes in many of its action scenes, including one involving a refrigerator. Barb shoves a bad guy into the fridge and shoots him through the door leaving bullet holes. In the next shot, the holes disappear.

  • #46. The Emoji Movie (2017)

    - Director: Tony Leondis
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 12
    - Runtime: 86 min

    Despite being geared to Generation Z and based in a digital milieu, this animated film contains multiple mistakes when it comes to the workings of phones and technology. The plot glosses over the basic facts of wiping phones, jailbreaking, warranties, and tech support.

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  • #45. Jack and Jill (2011)

    - Director: Dennis Dugan
    - IMDb user rating: 3.3
    - Metascore: 23
    - Runtime: 91 min

    In this woefully unfunny comedy, Adam Sandler plays two fraternal twins: Jack and his bungling sister, Jill. The film boasts several continuity gaffes including a scene set on “The Price is Right” game show—Jill bonks the left side of her head on the spinning wheel and in a subsequent scene holds an ice pack on the right side.

  • #44. The NeverEnding Story III (1994)

    - Director: Peter MacDonald
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 95 min

    Jack Black had an early film role as one of the “Nasties” in the third installment of the fantasy classic. The movie is an awkward reworking that doesn’t live up to the wonder of the original, and is plagued by conspicuous gaffes with scale. Once Bastian’s back in Fantasia, he meets up with the giant flying dog Falkor, and a tiny gnome couple, but the relative size of the characters in relation to each other shifts from shot to shot.

  • #43. Captain America (1990)

    - Director: Albert Pyun
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 97 min

    This low-budget nostalgia fest based on the comic book, but lacking all its charm, came and went without fanfare. In a montage of the Springfield Examiner newspaper, one headline misspells the town as “Sprinfield.”

  • #42. Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)

    - Director: Tom Brady
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: 9
    - Runtime: 97 min

    This movie about a hapless nerd’s dream of becoming a porn star falls miserably flat. In a scene where Bucky (Nick Swardson in a buck teeth prosthetic) eats a cookie, the large prop seems to be at least two different cookies within the scene. Christina Ricci stars as Bucky’s neighbor and friend, but she can’t elevate this grave mess.

  • #41. The Starving Games (2013)

    - Directors: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 83 min

    In an interview with, “The Starving Games” star Cody Christian remarks that the spoof was “bringing everything out of [‘The Hunger Games’] that everyone wanted to see and laugh at, but they couldn’t obviously.” However, this spoof has an odd tone since parodying the deaths of kids, despite the absurdity of the source material, comes across as particularly unfunny and off-key.

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