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Mistakes from the 100 worst movies of all time

  • #40. Slender Man (2018)

    - Director: Sylvain White
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: 30
    - Runtime: 93 min

    Panned by critics and gaining only a tepid box office return, this horror film based on an internet meme failed to provide genuine thrills or scares. The production’s largest gaffe was that it seemed to tastelessly reference a real-life tragedy inspired by the internet figure.

  • #39. The Open House (2018)

    - Directors: Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote
    - IMDb user rating: 3.2
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 94 min

    Set in a creepy McMansion that’s up for sale, this horror film failed to garner much attention. One glaring mistake involves a basement step that breaks early in the film, appears fixed mid-film, and then shows up broken again in a later scene.

  • #38. Far Cry (2008)

    - Director: Uwe Boll
    - IMDb user rating: 3.1
    - Metascore: data not available
    - Runtime: 95 min

    Based on a video game, this action flick sets on a remote island where an evil scientist turns humans into mutants—their skin looks chalk white and they gain superhuman strength. In one sequence, a mutant chases the lead commando through a rusty factory. The mutant actor’s sweat clearly shows through the white make-up, most of which has rubbed off his arms.

  • #37. Daddy Day Camp (2007)

    - Director: Fred Savage
    - IMDb user rating: 3.1
    - Metascore: 13
    - Runtime: 93 min

    In this entry to the “Daddy Day Care” franchise, Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as a camp counselor determined to help a group of kids enjoy the great outdoors despite a rundown campsite. Critics called the film cheap and ridiculous, and one scene references World of Warcraft but gets a detail about elves and druids wrong.

  • #36. Bratz (2007)

    - Director: Sean McNamara
    - IMDb user rating: 3.1
    - Metascore: 21
    - Runtime: 110 min

    Jon Voight stars in this story about school cliques and friendships based on the Bratz line of toy dolls. In a scene set in a school lab, a character does a test tube experiment that creates fireworks rendered in sparkling CGI. Another character dubs this “the Bernoulli effect,” a real thing in science having nothing to do with fireworks.

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  • #35. Rollerball (2002)

    - Director: John McTiernan
    - IMDb user rating: 3.1
    - Metascore: 14
    - Runtime: 98 min

    This update of the 1975 sci-fi thriller stars Chris Klein as the hero forced to play dangerous exploitative roller derby in a dystopian future. In the high-speed opening scene involving low to the ground motor-ish skateboards, the wheel of a production vehicle briefly pops into frame.

  • #34. Left Behind (2014)

    - Director: Vic Armstrong
    - IMDb user rating: 3.1
    - Metascore: 12
    - Runtime: 110 min

    Set during the biblical rapture, in this nonsensical actioner Nicolas Cage plays an airline pilot forced to man a plane alone after his co-pilot gets “raptured” away. At one point, Cage’s character casually leaves the cockpit unmanned to address passengers in this film that showcases illogical depiction of aircraft, aerodynamics, and flight protocol.

  • #33. Kazaam (1996)

    - Director: Paul Michael Glaser
    - IMDb user rating: 3.0
    - Metascore: 24
    - Runtime: 93 min

    Twenty years later, one review of basketball star Shaquille O’Neal’s genie film noted, “'Kazaam' feels almost breathtakingly weird and, despite itself, hilarious.” Shaq’s genie also raps— the player was a one-time successful rapper. The film features the song “We Genie,” ( a hit in Brazil) and when the mystical entity appears he speaks/raps lines like: “Who’s that sorry wannabe that disturbed my zzz’s?” and “Don’t matter how avaricious I’m the man that can grant your wishes.”

  • #32. Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

    - Director: Joseph Sargent
    - IMDb user rating: 3.0
    - Metascore: 15
    - Runtime: 89 min

    Lorraine Gary, who played Chief Brody’s wife in the first “Jaws,” returns in this third sequel about a vengeful shark. The film also stars Michael Caine and Mario Van Peebles in what’s widely regarded as an unnecessary addition to the franchise. The extremely fake-looking shark often growls and roars—things real sharks don't do.

  • #31. 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998)

    - Director: Sean McNamara
    - IMDb user rating: 2.9
    - Metascore: 44
    - Runtime: 93 min

    This is the fourth installment in the “3 Ninjas” franchise and stars a leather-clad Loni Anderson who at one point uses a whip on co-star Hulk Hogan. The story concerns three child ninjas and their hacker buddy, who try to keep the villain (played by Anderson) from wreaking implausible havoc on an amusement park. The film includes a central control panel with which to manipulate all rides throughout the park. One knob reads “temperature control,” though characters use it for speed adjustments.

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