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Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

  • Most popular and newsworthy dogs you should know about

    The first modern-day dog show took place in June 1859 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Tacked on to the yearly cattle show, the attraction featured only sporting breeds like pointers and setters. By the end of the century, after dog-owning became more fashionable and owners developed a more intense desire to show off their beloved pets, dog shows would become a hugely popular pastime. The first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was held in New York City in 1977, followed two years later by the first National Dog Show in Philadelphia. These shows served to popularize certain breeds of dogs, like the wire fox retriever, the labrador retriever, and the golden retriever.

    Today, dog shows aren’t nearly as fashionable as they once were. Aside from a small group of devoted fans who religiously tune in, they’re largely ignored in favor of more exciting sporting events. But that doesn’t mean that the general public is any less infatuated with their four-legged friends; they’ve just switched platforms.

    Instagram has become the go-to place for dog lovers. The social media platform is to 2019 what professional dog shows were to the late 1800s. Because of the personal nature of the platform, scrollers can connect with and “stan”  individual dogs rather than whole breeds. Some of these dogs have become so popular they’ve become “pet influencers,” bringing in thousands of dollars creating content for brands and uploading sponsored posts.

    Stacker has rounded up 50 of these popular and well-known dog accounts. The accounts have been ranked by the total number of followers they had as of July 29, 2019 (ties were broken by the exact number of followers). From fluffy Pomeranians to elderly mutts, celebrity dogs, and pugs with extensive closets, these accounts are all worth a scroll, follow, and several likes.

    Editor's note: Not all dogs pictured are the actual dogs from the Instagram accounts highlighted in this slideshow. 

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  • #50. @burrito_the_corgi

    - Number of Instagram followers: 13k

    Corgis have long been famous as the favorite pooches of Queen Elizabeth II, but @burrito_the_corgi is helping to introduce the Instagram generation to this breed. Burrito, who has been on Instagram since he was a pup, can be found exploring Austin, Texas. 

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

  • #49. @dagger

    - Number of Instagram followers: 14.8k

    Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang (@dagger) is one of several Pomeranians on this list. Dagger, the "fur son" of @jayzombie and @acarboni, resides in the Los Angeles area. 

    [Pictured: @dagger] 

  • #48. @lil_rufio

    - Number of Instagram followers: 15.3k

    A cross between a Pomeranian and a husky is known as a Pomsky. With all the handsomeness of a stately sled-dog packed into a pint-sized frame, Rufio Maximus Fauria (@lil_rufio) has got swagger to burn: He is a serious world traveler who you can see posted up from Arizona mountaintops to the Bahamas.

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

  • #47. @lillyandthehairless

    - Number of Instagram followers: 18.5k

    The account's namesake, Lilly, a Pekingese-terrier mix with an incredibly expressive face, died at 15 years old on April 15, 2019. However, @lillyandthehairless lives on with Lilly's siblings: Malthe, a (mostly) hairless Chinese-crested dog, and Gustav, a hairless sphynx cat. 

    [Pictured: Dog of the same breed] 

  • #46. @lucyfarted

    - Number of Instagram followers: 19.3k

    Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) is a pooch with more than enough personality to rock the bulldog underbite. She a big fan of headwear, especially party hats.

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

  • #45. @hermessv

    - Number of Instagram followers: 19.4k

    Hermes (@hermessv) is a striking long-haired Chihuahua who resides in Austria. Hermes' mom shares some beautiful shots of her prized pup, and stars alongside Hermes in many shots.

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed] 

  • #44. @baby.beckham

    - Number of Instagram followers: 34.7k

    This smiley, white fluffball is a Samoyed, a breed of large herding dog that was used as a sled-dog in Siberia for many years. @baby.beckham, born May 10, 2013, spends time exploring the outdoors and being a big brother to a human baby. 

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed]

  • #43. @_wand_wand

    - Number of Instagram followers: 71.8k

    Two Berlin-based dogs named Yōji Miyagi and Viktor are the subject of @_wand_wand. These dogs are all-white whippets, often photographed on white backgrounds or in beautiful landscapes.

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed]

  • #42. @bear_rexha

    - Number of Instagram followers: 80.9k

    Bebe Rexha’s dog Bear (@bear_rexha) is her travel companion and “soothes” the singer after her shows. Bear was one of the dogs in competition for the iHeartRadio Music Award for cutest musician’s pet, which is decided by social voting.

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed]

  • #41. @sometimescarl

    - Number of Instagram followers: 87.4k

    The only pitbull on the list is Chase, who apparently goes by Carl when he’s acting particularly weird, which explains the account name: @sometimescarl. Chase calls NYC and New Jersey home and keeps his foster siblings company while they wait for their own forever homes. 

    [Pictured: dog of the same breed]

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