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Most popular house-friendly dogs

  • #34. Manchester terrier (standard, toy)

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #140
    - Full-grown height: 15-16 inches (standard), 10-12 inches (toy)
    - Full-grown weight: 12-22 pounds (standard), under 12 pounds (toy)
    - Traits: Spirited, bright, loyal, independent

    Manchester terriers (toy or standard) are fiercely loyal and smart, and though they are fine hanging out indoors, their athleticism will truly shine when taken outside. They’re fast and can enjoy themselves when they are given room to run.

  • #33. English toy spaniels

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #139
    - Full-grown height: 9-10 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 8-14 pounds
    - Traits: Affectionate, alert

    This snub-nosed pup with its famous silky coat is curious and well behaved, almost never barks, and is a happy presence around the house. If you’re seeking friendship of a regal degree—even for a dog perfectly content on your lap—the English toy spaniel was bred as a king’s companion.

  • #32. Xoloitzcuintli (toy, mini, standard)

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #137
    - Full-grown height: 8-14 inches (toy), 14-23 inches (miniature), 18-23 inches (standard)
    - Full-grown weight: 10-15 pounds (toy), 15-30 pounds (miniature), 30-55 pounds (standard)
    - Traits: Loyal, alert, calm, trainable, watchdog

    One of the oldest breeds at 3,000 years old, Xoloitzcuintli dogs were historically thought to ward off evil spirits and intruders at home. Today, the dogs of the Aztec gods make great watchdogs; they’re alert, but stay calm as they protect their domains.

  • #31. Clumber spaniels

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #134
    - Full-grown height: 18-20 inches (male), 17-19 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 70-85 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Mellow, dignified

    These stocky, small-yet-heavy dogs are mellow and proud, but have their silly moments. Clumbers are great indoors, but also love a good long walk, and in many cases, even a swim. If you can handle some shedding, you’ll love this former kings’ hunting companion.

  • #30. Kerry blue terriers

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #133
    - Full-grown height: 18-19.5 inches (male), 17.5-19 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 33-40 pounds (male), slightly less for females
    - Traits: Smart, alert, oriented

    Naturally inclined to explore, the Kerry blue terrier is vivacious, smart, and lively. They love to romp around the house and are allergy-friendly because they rarely shed.

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  • #29. American hairless terriers

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #124
    - Full-grown height: 12-16 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 12-16 pounds
    - Traits: Inquisitive, playful

    Those allergic to dogs love the American hairless terrier, whose lack of coat and affectionate nature make it a wonderful, fur-free companion. They’re good watchdogs, but also get along with other pets—cats included.

  • #28. Welsh terriers

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #110
    - Full-grown height: 15 inches (male), proportionally smaller (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 20 pounds, proportionally smaller (female)
    - Traits: Alert, spirited

    Larger than your average terrier (but smaller than the Airedale), Welsh terriers are calmer than many in the terrier family, but still have an upbeat personality. They’re great with children and can interact with other dogs under moderate supervision.

  • #27. Japanese Chins

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #108
    - Full-grown height: 8-11 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 7-11 pounds
    - Traits: Charming, loving, reserved

    This intelligent breed lives for its companions, but like a true aristocrat, is reserved until it gets to know you. Japanese Chins are almost cat-like with their loving yet coy personalities.

  • #26. Brussels Griffons

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #96
    - Full-grown height: 7-10 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 8-10 pounds
    - Traits: Alert, curious, loyal

    Much like a terrier, the smart Brussels Griffon is a happy pup that can be an obedient, trainable watchdog for your home. This breed is also known for its almost human-like expressions. Be prepared for an outsized personality despite its stature.

  • #25. Norwegian elkhounds

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #93
    - Full-grown height: 20.5 inches (male), 19.5 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 55 pounds (male), 48 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Confident, dignified, friendly

    The Norwegian elkhound has hunting in its DNA, so while these dependable dogs are happy to keep you company at home, they thrive on a bit of exercise when taken outside. These dogs are also known to carry themselves in a dignified manner, but are friendly nonetheless.

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