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Most popular house-friendly dogs

  • #24. Keeshonden

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #88
    - Full-grown height: 18 inches (male), 17 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 35-45 pounds
    - Traits: Outgoing, lively, friendly

    Sharing similar traits to other northern breeds, the Keeshond is a fuzzy, sturdy companion who is welcoming to anyone it meets, and even enjoys making new friends. The Holland native remains “a symbol of Dutch patriotism.”

  • #23. Pekingese

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #83
    - Full-grown height: 6-9 inches
    - Full-grown weight: up to 14 pounds
    - Traits: Affectionate, loyal

    Historically owned by Chinese royalty (the name “Pekingese” derived from “Peking,” or the ancient name of Beijing), Pekingese conduct themselves regally, but are happy to be around their owners. They’re not particularly active, so they’re okay to go on a few walks and play indoors.

  • #22. Staffordshire bull terriers

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #82
    - Full-grown height: 14-16 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 28-38 pounds (male), 24-34 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Brave, tenacious, stubborn, gentle, playful, clever

    These dogs are not particularly tall, but pack a lot of muscle into a small package. Staffies can be stubborn, but are playful and intelligent. Although they enjoy their time inside, they need to run around and get exercise when it’s time for a walk.

  • #21. Coton de Tulear

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #81
    - Full-grown height: 10-11 inches (male), 9-10 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 9-15 pounds (male), 8-13 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Bright, happy, charming, loved

    These French dogs live for giving and receiving affection from their owners, and will be happy simply following you around your home. Coton de Tulear owners love their wit and lighthearted qualities.

  • #20. Chinese crested

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #80
    - Full-grown height: 11-13 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 8-12 pounds
    - Traits: Lively, alert, affectionate

    Chinese crested are people-pleasers who are almost cat-like in their homebody tendencies. If not curled up on an armrest or chair, they get their exercise following their owners around the apartment.

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  • #19. Lhasa Apsos

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #78
    - Full-grown height: 10-11 inches (male), slightly smaller for females
    - Full-grown weight: 12-18 pounds
    - Traits: Smart, confident, aloof

    Known for its long, luscious coat, the Lhasa Apso has a balanced temperament that mixes humor and aloofness. Usually this breed is fun loving around the house, but more careful around strangers.

  • #18. Chow chows

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #77
    - Full-grown height: 17-20 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 45-70 pounds
    - Traits: Dignified, bright, aloof

    These little lions have a mostly serious demeanor, but are bright, loving, and not super active. They’re not big barkers and are just fine living in small spaces.

  • #17. Italian greyhounds

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #67
    - Full-grown height: 13-15 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 7-14 pounds
    - Traits: Alert, playful, affectionate

    Not as tall as their racetrack relatives, Italian greyhounds are good companions who easily adapt to city life. They are dainty and affectionate. Although they have “an instinct for pursuit,” they make great “decorative couch dogs.”

  • #16. Chinese shar-pei

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #65
    - Full-grown height: 18-20 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 45-60 pounds
    - Traits: Devoted, loved

    The Chinese shar-pei doesn’t need a busy lifestyle—this breed is content with a walk and a good belly scratch. Shar-peis are devoted to their owners, but take on a dignified and aloof air when around new people.

  • #15. Whippets

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #57
    - Full-grown height: 19-22 inches (male), 18-21 inches (female)
    - Full-grown weight: 25-40 pounds
    - Traits: Calm, affectionate, playful

    Many would think that the whippet wouldn’t be suited for a stay-at-home lifestyle, as it can sprint up to 35 miles per hour—the fastest domesticated animal of its height. But after a good walk or energy-filled moment outside, this pup is quiet and lazy when it gets back home.

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