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Most popular house-friendly dogs

  • #4. Shih tzus

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #20
    - Full-grown height: 8-11 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 9-16 pounds
    - Traits: Outgoing, affectionate, playful, charming

    Shih tzus may be small, but their famously silky coats attract big attention. They are the consummate house pet, as they are outgoing and friendly, but love nothing more than to relax in a chair.

  • #3. Cavalier King Charles spaniels

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #16
    - Full-grown height: 12-13 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 13-18 pounds
    - Traits: Affectionate, gentle

    The trainable, affectionate Cavalier King Charles spaniel cracks the top three; it is a favorite among U.K. families, as they are good with children and other pets. They enjoy a good walk, but need little exercise beyond that.

  • #2. Bulldogs

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #5
    - Full-grown height: 14-15 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 50 pounds (male), 40 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Calm, courageous, friendly, dignified

    Though bulldogs are bigger and stockier than conventional lap dogs, they aspire to be curled up with you nonetheless. These runner-ups on our “house-friendly” list are undoubtedly a popular breed among those looking for an indoor pet, as they require little exercise, are low-maintenance, and carry a gentle disposition.

  • #1. French bulldogs

    - 2019 AKC popularity rank: #4
    - Full-grown height: 11-13 inches
    - Full-grown weight: 20-28 pounds (male), 16-24 pounds (female)
    - Traits: Playful, smart

    Topping the list, these fun-loving dogs are not particularly athletic, so a short walk will keep them healthy and happy. Frenchies are low-maintenance and loyal. Some are stubborn during training, but eventually just want to please their owners.