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Golden Globe Best Picture Comedy/Musical winners from worst to first

The Golden Globes spotlight the films that critics found impressive. Here are choices from the Hollywood Foreign Press in the Musical or Comedy category from 1952 through the present and ranked from worst to first.

25 ways America has changed in the last decade

As America approaches a new decade, we take a look back at the huge changes that took place. Here are 25 ways America evolved, shifted, and transformed in the last 10 years.

Best movies of 2019, according to critics

Many of the movies on this list may be unfamiliar, but they’ve all earned the highest accolades from film reviewers. Here are the best films of 2019, according to critics.

The stories behind your favorite Wes Anderson movies

Wes Anderson films are known for their quirky detail and ironic whimsy. Here are the stories behind each of them, arranged chronologically from “Bottle Rocket” to “Isle of Dogs.”

Best and worst Bruce Willis movies

Bruce Willis appears in almost every movie genre, from little-seen indies to masterworks like “Pulp Fiction,” and from box office hits like “Die Hard” to straight-to-video action capers panned by critics.