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Most widely-watched but universally-hated movies of all time

  • Most widely-watched but universally-hated movies of all time

    Slated for release in early December, James Franco’s The Disaster Artist tells the story behind the making of The Room, one of the most famous turkeys of all time. However, The Disaster Artist is about more than just a terrible movie earning an inexplicably strong following. Like Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, Franco’s flick is a testament to the power of clueless filmmaking itself, and the ridiculous movies that emerge as a result. These are the true rotten tomatoes and Golden Raspberry Award winners, at least some of which have garnered shocking levels of success in spite of--or most often because of--their sheer terribleness.

    In the spirit of The Disaster Artist, Stacker has accumulated a list of the most widely watched, but universally hated, movies of all time. For the data, we searched IMDB for movies with over 25,000 user ratings. We then aggregated and weighted ratings from IMDBMetacritic and Rotten Tomatoes to create a proprietary “Stacker Score” for each film. Using the Stacker Score, we then ranked the top 50 films, counting down from worse to worst. Without further ado, we present the most widely watched, but universally hated, movies of all time.


  • #50. Ridiculous 6

    Stacker Score: 28.50
    IMDB Rating: 4.8
    Metascore: 18
    Tomatometer: 0%

    Ridiculous 6 was the second feature film ever released by Netflix, following the success of Beasts of No Nation. Starring the motley crew of Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, and Luke Wilson, this over-the-top Western comedy became the most-streamed Netflix movie for any 30-day period despite a hearty panning by critics, including the humbling 0% Tomatometer designation.

  • #49. Halloween: Resurrection

    Stacker Score: 28.25
    IMDB Rating: 4.1
    Metascore: 19
    Tomatometer: 12%

    As it goes with most horror franchises, the Halloween films grew progressively worse the further they distanced themselves from John Carpenter’s original classic. However, even built-in quality reductions could hardly explain the brazen terribleness of Halloween: Resurrection. The 8th installment of the series took place on the set of a reality TV show being broadcast from Michael Myers’ old home. Naturally, Myers himself shows up and heads begin to roll. Even a celebrity-studded cast, including scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, couldn’t save this turkey from being dead on arrival.

  • #48. The Love Guru

    Stacker Score: 28.25
    IMDB Rating: 3.8
    Metascore: 24
    Tomatometer: 13%

    Michael Myers (the actor now, not the fictional serial killer) was still riding high off the success of the Austin Powers franchise when he delivered 2008’s The Love Guru, a painfully unfunny film that failed to win over audiences and critics alike. It told the story of Pitka, an American who starts his own self-help business after being raised by gurus. The fallout from The Love Guru was so instantaneous and staggering that Myers hasn’t championed a feature film since (though apparently Austin Powers 4 is in the works).

  • #47. Kangaroo Jack

    Stacker Score: 28.00
    IMDB Rating: 4.4
    Metascore: 16
    Tomatometer: 8%

    Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is behind some of the biggest box office smashes of all time, however that doesn’t make him impervious to the occasional flop. For proof of the fact, look no further than Kangaroo Jack. The film told the story of two friends who lose $50,000 in mob money to a wild, computer animated kangaroo. Indeed, this wasn’t one of Bruckheimer’s finer moments.


  • #46. Batman & Robin

    Stacker Score: 28.00
    IMDB Rating: 3.7
    Metascore: 28
    Tomatometer: 10%

    Tim Burton’s Batman marked an early and successful foray into the adventurous world of the dark knight. What followed were two sequels that were entertaining, but uneven at best. Then Batman & Robin came along to both build the coffin and put a nail it as well. Directed by Joel Schumacher, the outrageously cartoonish film cast George Clooney as the caped crusader, merely one among its many misfires, and pitted him against the likes of Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy. Clooney would end up shouldering much of the blame for the film’s poor reception, but it wasn’t really his fault. The movie was just plain (and famously) bad.

  • #45. Dragonball: Evolution

    Stacker Score: 28.00
    IMDB Rating: 2.6
    Metascore: 45
    Tomatometer: 15%

    Based on a popular manga series, Dragonball: Evolution was turning off fans before it even reached theaters. Early trailers and leaked shots from the set revealed a tone-deaf, by-the-numbers movie that went big on orbs and other visuals, but fell far short in terms of character arc and plot development. The movie would end up matching the early negative hype, thereby entering the annals of terrible film fame.

  • #44. Universal Soldier: The Return

    Stacker Score: 27.75
    IMDB Rating: 4.1
    Metascore: 24
    Tomatometer: 5%

    1992’s Universal Soldier, while not entirely well made, was entertaining enough to enjoy a strong shelf-life at a time when Blockbuster was king. However, that didn’t stop Universal Soldier: The Return from being released to little fanfare. Missing both the original director and one of its original stars (Dolph Lundgren), the follow up reeked of direct-to-video production and shameless cash grabbing. That said, it has marginally survived as a movie people love to hate. Nevertheless, later installments would wisely bring Dolph Lundgren back into the fold.

  • #43. The Last Airbender

    Stacker Score: 27.50
    IMDB Rating: 4.2
    Metascore: 20
    Tomatometer: 6%

    Known primarily as the helmer of dramatic thrillers with twist endings, M. Knight Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender was supposed to represent a departure of sorts. However, it still fell into many of the same traps plaguing the director’s reputation at the time of its release. Among the movie’s gravest offenses was the fact that, in spite of an intriguing premise and visually enticing trailer, it was utterly boring to sit through.  

  • 42. Jaws 3-D

    Stacker Score: 27.50
    IMDB Rating: 3.6
    Metascore: 27
    Tomatometer: 11%

    The original Jaws, about a shark terrorizing a vacation town. was an undisputed game changer upon its release in 1975. 1983’s Jaws 3-D, however, was an entirely different beast. Set in SeaWorld, the film was an all out disaster in every sense but the intended one. Apparently, the filmmakers were so focused on the 3D part that they forgot to make a compelling film to go along with it. While the movie would end up making decent bank, it moreover played into the unwritten rule of diminishing returns so ubiquitous among franchises at the time.

  • #41. Super Mario Bros.

    Stacker Score: 27.50
    IMDB Rating: 4.0
    Metascore: Not Available
    Tomatometer: 15%

    By the early 1990s, Nintendo was basically the Disney Studios of the gaming world, and a plumber named Mario was definitely their Mickey Mouse. Hence, a Super Mario Bros feature film seemed only natural at the time. In the movie, Mario and Luigi traveled to an alternate dimension to save the princess from evil King Koopa. The flick was colorful, cheesy, amusing and fairly atrocious. On the heels of its poor reception, Nintendo quickly learned that sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know.

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