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Fastest Dogs in the World

  • Fastest dogs in the world

    Imagine walking your loveable doggo down your favorite stretch of road when a car alarm suddenly catches your attention. In the short second it takes to glance at the commotion, your furry best friend jolts, yanking the leash from your hand. By the time you turn around and begin to run,  the dog is already halfway down the block, and you realize you may need a bike or even a car to catch up, depending on the breed.

    This scenario can be nightmare fuel for some, but it’s a common occurrence experienced by almost all pet owners at some point. This makes it all the more important to understand a dog's breed before taking on the responsibility of caring for and training a canine friend. Often, dogs that can run at high speeds were originally bred for hunting and herding purposes, including the Border Collie and Anatolian Shepherd, which both excel at agility and speed, and require vigorous exercise to expend their extra energy.

    Here at Stacker, we’ve ranked 23 dog breeds by top speed using data from the American Kennel ClubVet Street and, World’s Fastest Dogs to help better understand your energetic companion.

  • #23. Boston Terrier

    Top Speed: 25 miles per hour

    This small, friendly breed with a playful and energetic personality is known as the “American gentleman.”. Boston Terriers are thought to be directly related to the English Bulldog Terrier breeds and are well built for canine sportsespecially those involving speed.

  • #22. Rat Terrier

    Top Speed: 27 miles per hour

    Originally bred as hunting companions and for pest control, Rat Terriers are considered a rare breed. They are sociable, intelligent, easy to train, and especially compatible with young children; making it a great choice for first-time pet owners with families.

  • #21. Siberian Husky

    Top Speed: 28 miles per hour

    The Siberian Husky historically endured harsh conditions which conditioned the breed to become an iconic choice for sled dogs. Despite their tough build, Siberian Huskies are considered exceptionally friendly with children due to their pack nature and high energy. However, the breed needs to be specially cared for and exercised sufficiently, as they are considered to be escape artists and have been known to jump fences as high as eight feet.

  • #20. Giant Schnauzer

    Top Speed: 28 miles per hour

    Giant Schnauzers are gentle creatures with a timid nature, though they are known to become defensive when presented with new people or situations. Their history as farm and herding dogs trained them to be fast and playful, supplying them with an energetic and loyal nature. Giant Schnauzers are known to be easily trained and loyal to their owner.

  • #19. Anatolian Shepherd

    Top Speed: 28 miles per hour

    The Anatolian Shepherd is an old breed, dating as far back as 6,000 years ago, where they endured intense temperatures and displayed feats of speed while defending livestock from bears and mountain lions. Consequently, its forceful and defensive nature can make it a handful for owners to trainthis breed must be socialized to properly train them as companion dogs.

  • #18. Border Collie

    Top Speed: 30 miles per hour

    Considered remarkably intelligent, Border Collies are bred for herding livestock and are known to be energetic and athletic, often displaying impressively quick maneuvers in dog sports. The breed is only recommended for owners who can keep up with its active lifestyle, which is known to be demanding.

  • #17. Boxer

    Top Speed: 30 miles per hour

    Boxers are a kind and loving breed that display the utmost loyalty to their owner, and are patient and protective of children, making it an ideal family dog. The breed’s name is thought to derive from their inclination to stand on their rear legs and thrust their front paws forwardresembling a boxer’s movements. 

  • #16. Belgian Malinois

    Top Speed: 30 miles per hour

    Belgian Malinois are considered to be one of the most energetic dog breeds, which also means they demand plenty of attention and exercise. The breed is used for working tasks in military and police operations that require them to detect scents of possible threats; most notably used in  White House defense.

  • #15. Great Dane

    Top Speed: 30 miles per hour

    Ancestry of the Great Dane is widely thought to have originated from a dog breed present in ancient Greece; as depicted in Greek art, Great-Dane lookalikes appear hunting wild boar. Despite its intimidating stature, this gentle giant is friendly and patient, rarely displaying aggression or hostility. The breed is recommended for families as long as they raise it from a young age and socialize it properly.

  • #14. Poodle

    Top Speed: 33 miles per hour

    Poodles are known for their beauty and brains. Most commonly used as show dogs, Poodles are ranked the third most intelligent dog breed by Vetstreet, and exhibit great agility and obedience. The breed is normally shy around new people but quickly expresses affection playfulness when socialized well enough.

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