50 of the most-hyped TV shows in 2020 to watch while social distancing

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April 14, 2020

50 of the most-hyped TV shows in 2020 to watch while social distancing

The first three weeks of March 2020 showed an 85% spike in television streaming over the same time period in 2019, according to Nielsen data. Those numbers shouldn't be surprising, as 95% of Americas are estimated to be under stay-at-home orders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The landscape of television viewing is constantly evolving, and the year 2020 is an important testing ground for several television networks and platforms—particularly against the backdrop of today's news. The medium has shifted from broadcast television to cable, and then to premium cable, and now streaming services and platforms are becoming a dominant force in the industry.

Netflix was a pioneer in internet subscription streaming services, followed by Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. With this new normal of binge-watching television and on-demand services, other mainstream companies jumped in, including HBO and Showtime launching online subscription options and new platforms like Apple TV+ and Disney+ entering the arena, as well. Whether via streaming service or cable, the shows already out and still to come in 2020 have created quite a buzz. Some are attracting attention solely for the pedigree of whoever is creating it, or due to the particular cast members attached.

Stacker compiled and used Wikipedia search data on all American TV shows being released in 2020—some of which have already premiered—to determine which have been most-hyped by audiences. These shows are ranked according to 90-day page views from Sept. 4 to Dec. 2, 2019, as a measure of audience interest. To qualify for the list, the American TV show had to be in its first season or revived from a show that had been off the air for at least five years. Each slide will tell you where (and when) to watch that show. Keep reading to see which 2020 shows ranked as the most-anticipated of the year. 

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Kevin Winter // Getty Images for The Critics' Choice Awards

#50. Call Me Kat

- Total 90-day pageviews: 13,629
- Where to watch: Fox
- Release date: To be determined

Created by Darlene Hunt, “Call Me Kat” is an American adaptation of the British show “Miranda” by Miranda Hart. Mayim Bialik portrays Carla, a 39-year-old woman who struggles to prove herself to her mother and all those around her and ends up using her parents’ money to open up a cat cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. Jim Parsons, Bialik’s co-star on “The Big Bang Theory,” is one of the producers behind this adaptation.

[Pictured: Mayim Bialik, star of the upcoming "Call Me Kat."]

2 / 50
Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage // Getty Images

#49. United We Fall

- Total 90-day pageviews: 14,715
- Where to watch: ABC
- Release date: To be determined

MadTV’s Will Sasso will star in the ABC sitcom “United We Fall,” which was created by “Family Guy” writer Julius Sharpe. The show follows a couple with young children and “overzealous extended families” that allows their “judgemental grandmother” to move in with them, which undoubtedly will lead to conflict and high jinks.

[Pictured: Will Sasso, star of the upcoming "United We Fall."]

3 / 50
Rooster Teeth Animation

#48. Untitled Transformers: War for Cybertron series

- Total 90-day pageviews: 14,999
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Release date: To be determined

Not much is known about the next animated series in the “Transformers” franchise, but it is due to come from studio Rooster Teeth (“Red vs. Blue,” “RWBY,” “gen:LOCK”) and will stream on Netflix. The show will serve as an origin story and explore Cybertron and the Autobots-Decepticons war in a new animation style. The creative team includes names such as FJ DeSanto, George Krstic, Gavin Hignight, and Brandon Easton, many being veterans of the franchise, ensuring consistency with previous depictions of these transforming robots.

[Pictured: George Krstic, one of the creators of the upcoming "Transformers."]

4 / 50
Studio Lambert

#47. The Circle

- Total 90-day pageviews: 16,243
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Released: Jan. 1

This British export coming to Americans via Netflix sounds like something out of a “Black Mirror” episode—“The Circle” is essentially a reality show that centers around social media. Like the U.K. version, on the U.S. show follows a group of people moving into an apartment building. But while they interact through an app, they never meet face to face. The contestants then rate each other, with the top-rated player earning a cash prize.

[Pictured: Michelle Buteau, host of "The Circle."]

5 / 50
VALERIE MACON // AFP via Getty Images

#46. Emily in Paris

- Total 90-day pageviews: 17,890
- Where to watch: Paramount Network
- Release date: To be determined

“Beverly Hills 90210” and “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star has another show in the works—entitled “Emily in Paris,” this Paramount Network show will star Lily Collins as the titular character, who comes from the Midwest and moves to France for a job opportunity. Adjusting to her new surroundings, Emily also faces challenges in balancing her personal life with her professional life, finding new friends and loves.

[Pictured: Lily Collins, star of the upcoming "Emily in Paris."]

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6 / 50
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan // Getty Images

#45. RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race

- Total 90-day pageviews: 20,064
- Where to watch: VH1
- Release date: April, 24

Spinning off from the mega-popular “RuPaul’s Drag Race” competition show, “RuPaul’s Celebrity Drag Race” adds a start-studded twist to the formula. Essentially an “all-stars” season, previous “Drag Race” winners and participants compete against each other to be the top drag queen and win money for charity.

[Pictured: RuPaul, host of "RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race."]

7 / 50
CBS Television Studios

#44. Tommy

- Total 90-day pageviews: 20,210
- Where to watch: CBS
- Released: Feb. 6

Emmy winner Edie Falco stars in the crime drama “Tommy.” Falco plays Abigail Thomas, or “Tommy,” the first female police chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, who attains the role after moving from the New York Police Department. With the move come new challenges for Tommy, who resorts to using hardball tactics in navigating through the political and social landscape of the city.

[Pictured: Edie Falco, star of "Tommy."]

8 / 50
Cartoon Network Studios

#43. Adventure Time: Distant Lands

- Total 90-day pageviews: 20,697
- Where to watch: HBO Max
- Release date: To be determined

Although the long-running and celebrated “Adventure Time” reached its proper end, fans of the Pendleton Ward show on Cartoon Network can revisit some popular characters through new specials on HBO Max. “Distant Lands” will consist of four hour-long episodes, each focusing on different characters like BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human, and following where the characters are after the end of the main story.

9 / 50
LISA O'CONNOR // AFP via Getty Images

#42. Indebted

- Total 90-day pageviews: 21,399
- Where to watch: NBC
- Released: Feb. 6

The sitcom “Indebted” from Dan Levy follows a couple, Dan (Adam Pally) and Rebecca (Abby Elliott) who are prepared to start anew after years of parenting, when Dan’s parents come back into their lives, broke and causing much chaos. The show has a number of sitcom veterans as executive producers, including “Seinfeld” director Andy Ackerman.

[Pictured: Fran Drescher, star of "Indebted."]

10 / 50
Keshet Studios

#41. The Baker & the Beauty

- Total 90-day pageviews: 21,439
- Where to watch: ABC
- Released: April 13

Dean Georgaris and David Frankel are developing a remake of an Israeli series called “Beauty and the Baker,” which initially found success through streaming on Prime Video. This American remake, titled “The Baker & the Beauty,” focuses on a Cuban American man in Miami who works in his family’s bakery and finds his life forever changed when he meets a superstar.

[Pictured: Victor Rasuk, star of the upcoming "The Baker & the Beauty."]

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11 / 50
Home Box Office (HBO)

#40. The Third Day

- Total 90-day pageviews: 21,466
- Where to watch: HBO
- Release date: May 11

Dennis Kelly’s “The Third Day” will have a unique structure, telling a story in two distinct halves. Each half will focus on a different person upon their arrival on a mysterious island—the “Summer” half will star Jude Law as a man who encounters islanders fervent to defend their traditions, while “Winter” starts Naomie Harris as a woman who arrives at the island to seek answers.

[Pictured: Jude Law, star of the upcoming "The Third Day."]

12 / 50
Paper Kite Productions

#39. Duncanville

- Total 90-day pageviews: 22,196
- Where to watch: Fox
- Released: Feb. 16

Amy Poehler teamed up with Mike Scully and Julie Scully (both veterans from “The Simpsons”) for the animated show “Duncanville.” The show follows Duncan Harris (Poehler), a 15-year-old boy, and his interactions with his family. As Duncan grows up, he finds that he has quite an expansive imagination.

[Pictured: Amy Poehler, star (voice) of "Duncanville."]

13 / 50
Gary Sanchez Productions

#38. Motherland: Fort Salem

- Total 90-day pageviews: 22,202
- Where to watch: Freeform
- Released: March 18

In an alternate version of the United States, witches are very much real and reached an agreement with the government for the prosecution of witches to end 300 years prior. Set in the present day, three young women go through basic training in magical combat to serve this woman-dominated world.

[Pictured: Taylor Hickson, star of "Motherland: Fort Salem."]

14 / 50
Signal Hill Productions

#37. Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

- Total 90-day pageviews: 22,991
- Where to watch: NBC
- Released: Jan. 10

Jeffery Deaver’s novel “The Bone Collector” receives a long-form adaptation with “Lincoln Rhyme,” which follows a pair of NYPD detectives. Lincoln Rhyme is one of those detectives, portrayed by Russell Hornsby; Rhyme is rendered a paraplegic after a near-fatal accident, but still continues his work remotely.

[Pictured: Russell Hornsby, star of "Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector."]

15 / 50
Home Box Office (HBO)

#36. The Undoing

- Total 90-day pageviews: 23,586
- Where to watch: HBO
- Release date: May 10

Nicole Kidman will headline “The Undoing,” an upcoming miniseries written by David E. Kelley (“Big Little Lies”). Kidman will play a woman named Grace Sachs, who goes through a tumultuous period in her life that involves a violent death, a disappearing husband, and many revelations. From the destruction, Grace has to pick up the pieces to give herself and her child a hopeful life.

[Pictured: Nicole Kidman, star of the upcoming "The Undoing."]

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16 / 50
20th Century Fox Television

#35. Outmatched

- Total 90-day pageviews: 23,609
- Where to watch: Fox
- Released: Jan. 23

A blue-collar couple in Atlantic City are raising four kids in “Outmatched,” with three of them said to be “certified geniuses.” Starring Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson, this sitcom focuses on the dynamic between the parents and their intelligent children.

17 / 50
Michael Patrick King Productions

#34. AJ and the Queen

- Total 90-day pageviews: 24,217
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Released: Jan. 10

RuPaul co-created and stars in “AJ and the Queen,” a show that follows a drag queen named Ruby Red (RuPaul) and an 11-year-old boy AJ, an orphaned stowaway. The show focuses on these two misfits as they travel from city to city, learning lessons and making differences in the lives of the people they touch.

18 / 50
Sony Pictures Television

#33. Party of Five

- Total 90-day pageviews: 25,498
- Where to watch: Freeform
- Released: Jan. 8

A remake of a 1994 Fox show, “Party of Five” is a teen drama with a timely premise. The show is about five children of the Acosta family who struggle to make ends meet after their parents are deported to Mexico. “Party of Five” comes from Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser, who created the original show that depicted five siblings who lost their parents to a car accident.

19 / 50
Carnival Film & Television

#32. Belgravia

- Total 90-day pageviews: 30,381
- Where to watch: Epix
- Released: March 15

Author and filmmaker Julian Fellowes (“Downton Abbey”) adapted his novel with “Belgravia,” a historical period drama. The show follows upper-class people in London, including the Trenchard family, as secrets begin to emerge.

[Pictured: Tom Wilkinson, star of the upcoming "Belgravia."]

20 / 50
Scott Rudin Productions

#31. Dispatches From Elsewhere

- Total 90-day pageviews: 30,655
- Where to watch: AMC
- Released: March 1

Actor Jason Segel is the creator and the main star of the anthology series “Dispatches From Elsewhere.” The show involves a mysterious "Dispatches From Elsewhere" challenge, which brings four strangers through a strange journey. Other cast members include Richard E. Grant, Sally Field, and André Benjamin.

[Pictured: Sally Field, star of "Dispatches from Elsewhere."]

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21 / 50
Bennett Raglin // Getty Images for Revolt

#30. Making the Band

- Total 90-day pageviews: 31,154
- Where to watch: MTV
- Release date: To be determined

Originally running from 2000 to 2009, “Making the Band” will be revived for MTV by Sean “Diddy” Combs. The reality competition show will depict a band working to become the next big superstars. An open call will bring in musicians to audition for their chance to be on the show.

[Pictured: Sean "Diddy" Combs, star of the upcoming "Making The Band."]

22 / 50
Warner Bros. Animation

#29. ThunderCats Roar

- Total 90-day pageviews: 31,174
- Where to watch: Cartoon Network
- Released: Feb. 22

The “ThunderCats” property made its return with “ThunderCats Roar,” an animated series that, in a distinctly modern cartoony style, follows a similar premise of the ThunderCats landing on Earth after escaping their doomed homeworld. Only this time around, the show takes a remarkably different (read: silly) tone than previous installments in the franchise and play up the comedic angle.

23 / 50
Vivien Killilea // Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation

#28. The Right Stuff

- Total 90-day pageviews: 32,207
- Where to watch: National Geographic
- Release date: To be determined

Tom Wolfe’s book “The Right Stuff,” which was also turned into a popular movie in 1983, will once again be adapted for the screen, this time as a television show on National Geographic. It is an “anti-nostalgic look” at the original Mercury Seven astronauts, whose competition to reach the moon essentially turned all involved into celebrities.

[Pictured: Leonardo DiCaprio, executive producer of the upcoming "The Right Stuff."]

24 / 50
Lionsgate Television

#27. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

- Total 90-day pageviews: 32,468
- Where to watch: NBC
- Released: Jan. 7

Jane Levy plays Zoey, a girl who develops unexplained psychic abilities when an MRI machine malfunctions while she’s inside of it during a checkup. As a result, Zoey can now hear the thoughts of those around her, the catch being that these thoughts are in the form of popular songs. “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” also has elements of a musical, featuring singing and choreography.

[Pictured: Jane Levy, star of "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."]

25 / 50
ANGELA WEISS // AFP via Getty Images

#26. Invincible

- Total 90-day pageviews: 32,681
- Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
- Release date: To be determined

Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead,” will bring another one of his comic works to the screen with “Invincible.” The premise involves a 17-year-old man (voiced by Steven Yeun), whose father is an all-powerful superhero; he begins to find that he is developing powers of his own, and starts to learn under his father. Other voice cast members include J.K. Simmons as the father, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Seth Rogen, Zazie Beetz, and many more.

[Pictured: Sandra Oh, star (voice) of the upcoming "Invincible."]

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26 / 50
Emma McIntyre // Getty Images for Turner

#25. Helstrom

- Total 90-day pageviews: 33,129
- Where to watch: Hulu
- Release date: To be determined

Based on the Marvel comics, “Marvel’s Helstrom” follows siblings Daimon Helstrom (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon), both the children of a powerful serial killer who work to hunt down the “worst of humanity.” The show comes from Paul Zbyszewski, who worked on “Lost” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and was originally meant to tie in with a “Ghost Rider” series before that project was canceled. “Helstrom” will be the final new production from the recently shuttered Marvel Television division, but Marvel fans are eager to see what it will add to the universe regardless.

[Pictured: Robert Wisdom, star of the upcoming "Helstrom."]

27 / 50
FX Productions

#24. Mrs. America

- Total 90-day pageviews: 33,485
- Where to watch: FX on Hulu
- Release date: April 15

Cate Blanchett will shift to television in “Mrs. America,” a miniseries that depicts a pivotal moment for women in the United States. Blanchett portrays Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative woman who leads a backlash against the Equal Rights Amendment, with several other performers joining as second-wave feminists in the 1970s.

[Pictured: Sarah Paulson, star of the upcoming "Mrs. America."]

28 / 50
CBS Television Studios

#23. Diary of a Female President

- Total 90-day pageviews: 34,170
- Where to watch: Disney+
- Released: Jan. 17

Ilana Peña wrote and created “Diary of a Female President,” which focuses on a young 12-year-old Cuban American girl named Elena. Elena goes through the regular trials and tribulations of middle school, forming the beginning of her journey to becoming president of the United States. Gina Rodriguez is an executive producer of the show, also playing Elena as an adult amid a presidential campaign.

[Pictured: Gina Rodriguez (left) and Tess Romero (right) of "Diary of a Female President" with Yvette Nicole Brown (center).]

29 / 50
FX Productions

#22. Y

- Total 90-day pageviews: 34,534
- Where to watch: FX
- Release date: To be determined

Based on a comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan, “Y” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where every male mammal save for one human (Barry Keoghan) and a monkey have been eradicated. The story focuses on this new world order, totally dominated by women, and explores gender, race, and class. Alongside Keoghan is Diane Lane, Imogen Poots, Amber Tamblyn, and several other actresses.

[Pictured: Diane Lane, star of the upcoming "Y."]

30 / 50
DNA Films

#21. Devs

- Total 90-day pageviews: 35,382
- Where to watch: FX on Hulu
- Released: March 5

The FX show “Devs” follows a character named Lily (Sonoya Mizuno), a computer engineer investigating a quantum computing company run by a man named Forest (Nick Offerman). The show comes from Alex Garland, most famous for writing and directing “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” the former having similar themes and settings as “Devs.”

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31 / 50
AMC Studios

#20. The Walking Dead: World Beyond

- Total 90-day pageviews: 35,634
- Where to watch: AMC
- Release date: Delayed

“The Walking Dead” franchise on AMC will get its third show with “World Beyond,” which comes from “The Walking Dead” writer Matthew Negrete. The time frame of the show is a decade after the initial zombie apocalypse, focusing on the young survivors who came of age after the massive outbreak. As such, the cast will largely consist of young, unknown performers.

32 / 50

#19. Cursed

- Total 90-day pageviews: 37,050
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Release date: To be determined

Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler's illustrated novel “Cursed” also comes with a television adaptation from the pair. The story is described as a reimagining of the Arthurian legend, with the show and novel seeing events through the eyes of the young heroine Nimue (Katherine Langford). The coming-of-age story also features plenty of mysticism and action.

33 / 50
Doug Robinson Productions

#18. For Life

- Total 90-day pageviews: 37,299
- Where to watch: ABC
- Released: Feb. 11

An inmate is serving life in prison in the show “For Life,” but in an attempt to overturn his sentence, he studies law and becomes a lawyer to prove that he is innocent of the crime he is accused of. The show stars Nicholas Pinnock and is created by Hank Steinberg, co-creator of “The Last Ship.”

[Pictured: Nicholas Pinnock, star of "For Life."]

34 / 50
20th Century Fox Television

#17. 9-1-1: Lone Star

- Total 90-day pageviews: 37,364
- Where to watch: Fox
- Released: Jan. 19

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are best known for creating interconnected and related television shows and the team does the same with “9-1-1: Lone Star,” a spin-off of “9-1-1.” As the name implies, this show takes place in Texas, starring Rob Lowe as a New York firefighter who moves to Austin. Like the original show, “Lone Star” has its characters balancing between saving the lives of others and managing the everyday drama of their lives.

35 / 50
Tommaso Boddi // Getty Images for AMC

#16. Selena: The Series

- Total 90-day pageviews: 40,416
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Release date: To be determined

The biographical series “Selena” stars Christian Serratos as the singer Selena, known as the “Queen of Tejano” music and one of the most celebrated Mexican American entertainers. Selena’s father and sister are credited as producers, with the screenplay based on Selena’s short life being authorized by the family.

[Pictured: Christian Serratos, star of the upcoming "Selena: The Series."]

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36 / 50
CBS Eye Animation Productions

#15. Star Trek: Lower Decks

- Total 90-day pageviews: 40,971
- Where to watch: CBS All Access
- Release date: To be determined

While taking place in the “Star Trek” universe, “Lower Decks” uses a completely different medium of storytelling. An animated show created by Mike McMahan (“Rick and Morty”), “Star Trek: Lower Decks” will focus on the support crew of an unimportant ship in Starfleet rather than the important players in command, featuring humor that skews adult while being distinct from shows like “Rick and Morty.”

37 / 50
Dia Dipasupil // Getty Images

#14. Space Force

- Total 90-day pageviews: 47,652
- Where to watch: Netflix
- Release date: May 31

Steve Carell will reunite with “The Office” creator Greg Daniels for “Space Force,” a comedy show lampooning the real-life military branch proposed by the Donald Trump administration. It is formatted as a workplace comedy, with the characters attempting to figure out just what this Space Force entails, with hilarious results. The show will also star John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz.

[Pictured: Steve Carell, star of the upcoming "Space Force."]

38 / 50
Fox Entertainment

#13. Deputy

- Total 90-day pageviews: 50,745
- Where to watch: Fox
- Released: Jan. 2

“Deputy,” from creators Will Beall (“Aquaman”) and David Ayer (“Bright”), is a hybrid of genres, combining the Western with the procedural crime drama. Stephen Dorff portrays a county sheriff in Los Angeles, who takes the role after his predecessor dies of a heart attack, and must resort to brutal and old-school tactics with his team to ensure justice.

[Pictured: Stephen Dorff, star of "Deputy."]

39 / 50

#12. Little Fires Everywhere

- Total 90-day pageviews: 51,336
- Where to watch: Hulu
- Released: March 18

“Little Fires Everywhere” represents the first novel by Celeste Ng to be adapted to the screen. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are both executive producers and stars on the series, which follows a suburban family upended by an enigmatic mother and daughter. The series is written by Liz Tigelaar and directed by Lynn Shelton, rounding out the all-women-led team.

[Pictured: Kerry Washington, star of "Little Fires Everywhere."]

40 / 50
Disney Television Animation

#11. The Owl House

- Total 90-day pageviews: 57,557
- Where to watch: Disney Channel
- Released: Jan. 10

“The Owl House,” was created by Dana Terrace, whose credits include “Gravity Falls” and the “Ducktales” reboot. This show, already renewed for a second season, follows the character of Luz, a young teenage girl who stumbles into the mystical Demon Realm; in it, she befriends a witch named Eda and a tiny warrior named King. Eventually, Luz begins to train as an aspiring witch under Eda, and the group forms into an unlikely family.

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41 / 50
CJ Entertainment

#10. Snowpiercer

- Total 90-day pageviews: 62,535
- Where to watch: TNT
- Release date: May 17

“Snowpiercer” is based on Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 hit film, which itself was based on a French graphic novel. Like the film, the show follows the passengers of a perpetually moving train, depicting a class struggle and uprising between the lower-class passengers in the back and the elite in the front. Daveed Diggs takes the lead role as a lower-class passenger, while Jennifer Connelly portrays a first-class passenger; this show by Josh Friedman is already renewed for a second season that will add Steven Ogg and Sean Bean in main roles.

42 / 50
Home Box Office (HBO)

#9. Avenue 5

- Total 90-day pageviews: 68,832
- Where to watch: HBO
- Released: Jan. 19

Armando Iannucci, creator of political comedies such as “The Thick of It” and “Veep,” took an unexpected pivot into sci-fi comedy with “Avenue 5.” Starring Hugh Laurie as the captain of a luxury space cruise, this show depicts a number of problems and interpersonal conflicts among the crew and passengers. Other cast members include Josh Gad and Zach Woods, and the trailer promises the same, profane sense of humor that Iannucci’s previous television shows contained.

[Pictured: Hugh Laurie, star of "Avenue 5."]

43 / 50
CBS Television Studios

#8. FBI: Most Wanted

- Total 90-day pageviews: 82,662
- Where to watch: CBS
- Released: Jan. 7

“Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf is once again building a series of interconnecting shows, this time spinning off of his CBS show “FBI.” “FBI: Most Wanted,” as the title implies, focuses on the bureau as it attempts to catch the most notorious criminals on the Most Wanted list. The show's cast includes Julian McMahon and Keisha Castle-Hughes.

[Pictured: Julian McMahon, star of "FBI: Most Wanted."]

44 / 50
Disney Television Animation

#7. Monsters at Work

- Total 90-day pageviews: 91,980
- Where to watch: Disney+
- Release date: To be determined

Pixar classic “Monsters Inc.” will receive a spin-off television show titled “Monsters at Work,” taking place six months after the events of the original movie. John Goodman returns as Sully, now the CEO of Monsters Inc., and Billy Crystal reprises his role as Mike Wazowski; though these characters are back, “Monsters at Work” focuses more on the new character of Tylor Tuskmon, a mechanic who dreams of working with Mike and Sully. Other new voice actors for the show include Henry Winkler, Kelly Marie Tran, and Aisha Tyler.

[Pictured: John Goodman, star (voice) of the upcoming "Monsters at Work."]

45 / 50
Berlanti Productions

#6. Katy Keene

- Total 90-day pageviews: 92,776
- Where to watch: The CW
- Released: Feb. 6

Acting as a spin-off of the immensely popular “Riverdale,” “Katy Keene” also has a modern spin on a classic Archie Comics character. Lucy Hale stars as Katy Keene, an aspiring fashion designer in New York City. The show focuses on the professional and romantic lives of Keene and four other characters attempting to break into their own respective businesses in fashion, art, and entertainment. “Riverdale” creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa returns in his producing and writing roles, with crossovers planned for the future.

[Pictured: Ashleigh Murray, Katherine LaNasa, Julia Chan, Lucy Hale, Jonny Beauchamp, and Camille Hyde attend the "Katy Keene" screening at the Tribeca TV Festival in New York City in 2019.]

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46 / 50
Aggregate Films

#5. The Outsider

- Total 90-day pageviews: 93,318
- Where to watch: HBO
- Released: Jan. 12

“The Outsider” miniseries is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Jason Bateman produced, directed, and acted in the highly anticipated show, taking on the role of a schoolteacher and coach named Terry Maitland who is arrested for the murder of a young boy. Ben Mendelsohn portrays Ralph Anderson, a police detective whose belief that Maitland is guilty is tested by new evidence.

[Pictured: Jason Bateman, star of "The Outsider."]

47 / 50
Mad Ghost Productions

#4. Stargirl

- Total 90-day pageviews: 102,673
- Where to watch: DC Universe
- Release date: May 11

Comics writer Geoff Johns will bring his character to live-action with “Stargirl,” the next show for the DC Universe streaming platform. Brec Bassinger plays Courtney Whitmore, the eponymous Stargirl, who discovers a powerful staff previously owned by Starman (Joel McHale) and becomes a superheroine after finding out the history of his superhero sidekick stepfather (Luke Wilson). The character of Stargirl will first appear in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on The CW, with the network broadcasting episodes of “Stargirl” a day after they stream on DC Universe.

[Pictured: Brec Bassinger, star of the upcoming "Stargirl."]

48 / 50
Monkeypaw Productions

#3. Hunters

- Total 90-day pageviews: 110,674
- Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
- Released: Feb. 21

“Hunters,” created by David Weil and executive produced by Jordan Peele, follows a group of Nazi Hunters in 1977 New York City who unearth a network of escaped Nazis living in the U.S. Leading the assassins is Academy Award-winner Al Pacino in the role of a Holocaust survivor named Meyer Offerman.

49 / 50
Marvel Studios

#2. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

- Total 90-day pageviews: 151,296
- Where to watch: Disney+
- Release date: August

The first of Marvel Studios’ multiple shows on Disney+ is “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” a follow-up of the “Captain America” movies. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will return in their iconic movie roles as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, respectively, with Wilson having taken on the role of Captain America after “Avengers: Endgame.” “Empire” writer Malcolm Spellman is acting as showrunner, bringing in familiar cast members like Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp from the “Captain America” movies and a new character played by Wyatt Russell for this new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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CBS Television Studios

#1. Star Trek: Picard

- Total 90-day pageviews: 422,997
- Where to watch: CBS All Access
- Released: Jan. 23

Sir Patrick Stewart returns to the Star Trek franchise in his celebrated role, playing an aged and retired Picard who is called into action by a mysterious young woman (Isa Briones) seeking his help. In this long-awaited show by “Star Trek: Discovery” co-creator and “Star Trek” (2009) co-writer Alex Kurtzman, Picard put together a new crew while encountering other legacy characters such as William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Data (Brent Spiner), Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan).

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