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Most and least stressed states in America

  • Most and least stressed states in America

    According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can affect your body, mind, and behavior. Left unchecked, stress can reduce productivity, cause insomnia, lower your sex drive, increase fatigue, contribute to drug, alcohol or tobacco use, and even lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood, pressure, or heart disease.

    In short, stress is a killer—and where you live can have a lot to do with how much stress you endure. Using data from Wallethub, Stacker ranked all 50 states and Washington D.C., from the least-stressed to the most. The rankings are based on four broad dimensions: work-related stress, money-related stress, family-related stress, and health-related stress. Using 38 weighted metrics, each dimension was given a score out of 100, with 100 being the highest stress level. A weighted average across all metrics was used to calculate a state’s overall score. States were then ranked from least to most stressed.

    Feel free to learn more about the full methodology with all the metrics, or just read on to find out where your state ranks. Either way, take a load off, indulge in some “you time” and find a way to decompress—your health and well-being will thank you.

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  • #51. Minnesota

    Total Score: 25.68

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 42

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:51

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 49

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 51

  • #50. North Dakota

    Total Score: 26.85

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 38

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:50

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 51

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 47

  • #49. Utah

    Total Score: 29.77

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 51

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:37

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 50

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 41

  • #48. Iowa

    Total Score: 30.89

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 36

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:46

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 47

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 49

  • #47. South Dakota

    Total Score: 31.98

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 39

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:45

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 41

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 48

  • #46. Wisconsin

    Total Score: 33.66

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 43

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:44

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 43

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 36

  • #45. Colorado

    Total Score: 34.17

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 48

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:34

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 34

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 43

  • #44. Massachusetts

    Total Score: 34.62

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 47

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:42

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 31

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 44

  • #43. Hawaii

    Total Score: 34.74

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 44

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:26

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 44

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 45

  • #42. Nebraska

    Total Score: 35.60

    ‘Work-Related Stress’ Rank: 30

    ‘Money-Related Stress’ Rank:41

    ‘Family-Related Stress’ Rank: 40

    ‘Health- & Safety-Related Stress’ Rank: 39